Do you know you can increase your sales, network and raise your brand profile through effective use of social media? That’s right; your Facebook, twitter and Instagram accounts can do much more for you.

Here is how to deliver exceptional customer service, make sales and enhance your reputation through the social media?

1)  Get a Profile

According to social media guru Philip Calvert, the first step to raising your profile online is… having a profile online. If you or your business doesn’t yet have a page on a social networking platform such as LinkedIn or Twitter, now is the time to set one up.

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As Mr. Calvert remarks, “The average adult uses their mobile phone 264 times a day, mainly for online networking. That’s a lot of interaction to miss out on if you’re not on social media.”

2) Go into Detail

It’s one thing having a social media profile, but it’s quite another having one that gets noticed. If, for example, you have a personal profile on LinkedIn, Mr. Calvert advises giving as much detail as possible about you and your business (without being longwinded).

“Use keywords for your industry to describe yourself,” he says. “When people put these terms into an internet search engine, your profile is then more likely to appear.”

Photo credit : entrepreneur
Photo credit : entrepreneur

3) Grab Attention

You can’t rely on Google searches alone to drive traffic to your profile. It is far better to put yourself out there with content that is engaging, entertaining and informative.

“Each time your post is shared by another user, more people are being exposed to your business,” Mr. Calvert reflects. “So it’s worth developing content that draws people in, perhaps because it is witty, informative or topical.”

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4) Provide Instant Feedback

According to Mr. Calvert, there are 289 million unanswered complaints on Twitter. Moreover, 83pc of companies ignore customer queries that are posted on the site. And of those that do reply, the average response time is 12 hours.

That is simply not good enough. “People expect instant communication,” he asserts. “If someone mentions your company in a post, tomorrow is too late to get in touch with them. This afternoon is too late. An hour’s time is too late. Your reply should happen now.”

Photo credit : socialannex
Photo credit : socialannex

5) Remember the Personal Touch

“People buy people,” says Mr. Calvert. “It’s one of the most important business mantras, and shouldn’t be forgotten just because you’re interacting online.”

That means responding personally to messages, showing courtesy and good manners, and engaging thoughtfully with fellow social media users.

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“For example, if someone views your profile, drop them a note of thanks for their interest. In these ways, you build relationships, and that’s great for business.”

6) Encourage Employee Participation

It may be a cliché, but your employees really are your greatest asset. So if you want an effective social media presence, it pays to get them on board.

“There is obviously a balance to be struck between encouraging use of social media in working hours and allowing the workforce to waste time,” says Mr. Calvert. “But if you encourage them to find their voice on social media, the results can be striking.”

7) Put Customers at the Core

Mr. Calvert stresses that social media isn’t an end in itself. “It is only important in so far as it contributes to the customer experience,” he says.

To illustrate, he states that customers whose queries are responded to on social media spend on average 20 to 40pc more with the business in question than those whose queries are ignored.



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