If you have been tending to your nail for a while, and then at a random bump or bend or pinch, it gets broken, worry not. We know you love the way your nail beautifies and complements your hands and feet so, we have brought you few tips on how to fix it up immediately.

Use a Tape

One of the ways to fix or broken nail is to use a tape, and this is how. Use scissors to carefully cut a small piece of tape that is not bigger than the size of the tear. Place the cut-out tape on the cracked or broken nail and press until it sticks. Make sure the nail is well covered by the tape. If the piece of tape you applied to your nail is too large, trim the excess out. And then your nail is temporarily back. But for a long lasting solution, try the next tip:

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Use some Glue


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To use the glue method, make sure to wash your hands first, the hand has to be free of oil and clean for these to work effectively. If the tip of your nail broke off completely, soak the broken tip in warm water until it feels soft again. Then apply a little glue to the broken part of the nail and place it on the nail, then wipe off excess glue with a wet cotton wool. And lastly, smoothen the rough edges with a nail file. But to give it a cleaner look, apply a nail polish on in and your nail is back.

So ladies, no need to fuss about your broken nail, just fix it in seconds!


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