Last week I gave out some tips to assist you choose a long lasting perfume the next time you go perfume shopping.  Now I thought it would be cool to give you tips that would make you enjoy your perfume even better after you have purchased the perfume of your choice.  Relax and enjoy

1) Rub Vaseline on your pulse points before spraying your perfume to make the scent last longer. The ointment, which is occlusive, will hold the fragrance to your skin longer than if you were to spray it onto dry skin.perfume vaseline_resized

2) Don’t dab the fragrance on your wrists after spraying. If you rub your wrists together, you’ll force the top notes to disappear faster than intended and as a result make your fragrance not last as longRubbing perfume_resized

3) If you want your fragrances to last longer, which of course I am sure you do, don’t store them in your bathroom or other damp, warm places. Heat, light, andhumidity will break down the perfume and lessen the quality of the fragrance. Instead, store them in cool, dry spots like on the vanity in your room and away from windows. Bonus tip: Use a pretty cake stand to display them.Bathroom perfume_resized

4) Use business cards as blotter strips for sampling fragrances. No need to waste blotter strip paper.unnamed.1

5) Line your dresser drawers with tissue paper and spray them with your favorite scent to make your clothes and towels smell amazing.

Make sure you have fun with this. Watch this space for more tips

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