Heat Wave: How To Manage Yourself During This Hot Season

Heat Waves

There is currently a heat wave that is sweeping across the country and it is so unbearable, especially at night. You can actually take your bath right now and find yourself soaked with sweat from head to toe five minutes later. It is really that bad.

According to experts, this recent heat wave is caused by gases been emitted from green houses. The meteorological agency also advises everyone to prepare for hotter days and nights.

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Usually, heat waves like this always bring about issues of dehydration which can lead to unconsciousness or death if not properly managed, heat rashes, chicken pox, headaches, fever, irritation and even psychological stress.

Therefore, we all have to come up with smart strategies to cope with this extreme climatic condition.

Heat Waves

To cope with the heat waves, experts have advised us to do the following:

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  1. Drink Water

If you are not a fan of drinking water because it is tasteless and bland, you really don’t have a choice right now. Drink as much water as you can every single day in order to prevent dehydration. Always have a bottle with you wherever you go. The dryness of throat and internal heat that is popular this period will actually leave you no choice.

Drinking Water

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2. Cut down on the alcoholic and caffeinated beverages

Now is not the best time to up your alcohol and coffee game. This two naturally cause dehydration and the consumption of them should be reduced to the minimal this period.


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3. Cut down on protein rich foods

Red meat especially naturally increases metabolic heat.

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4. Eat more fruits and vegetables

Increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables as they naturally contain water and moisture and will give a cooling effect when consumed.

Fruits and Vegetables

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5.Go for check-up

Check your blood pressure to make sure it is in the normal range.


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6. Take your bath regularly

Try to take your bath at least two times a day, especially before going to bed. Showering with cold water this period is really therapeutic.


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7. Stay inside your house

This is not the time to be moving around too much. Try as much as possible to stay indoors especially between the hours of 12 noon and 3.pm when the sun is usually at it’s peak. Go to work in the morning and stay inside your office. When you close for the day, try to go straight home. Also, keep your offices, homes and rooms properly air-conditioned and ventilated to survive the heat wave.

Staying indoors

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I hope with these useful tips, we will be able to survive and properly manage this hot season. Hopefully, the rains will come soon and overpower the heat.



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