Now it’s time to organize! How you put your closet back together is just as important as the initial cleanse, so use these 5 tips to keep you on track.


for uniformity
Update your closet organization and invest in slim, non-slip hangers for your tops, bottoms, and coats. Then, arrange everything so they face the same direction. This not only saves space, it gives you an overview of what you have.


like items together
Divide your clothes into categories to save you time when you’re getting ready. First separate by type (layering tanks, tops by sleeve length, skirts, shorts, pants, dresses, sweaters, and coats) and then by color (light to dark). Excessive? It’s not! Put in the extra effort to save time in the long run.


out-of-season fashion
Only hang items you’ll be wearing in the next 2 months. Then, store out-of-season extras in separate, clearly marked storage bins or boxes, by season. Then, if you’re going on a trip or vacation with a different climate, it’s easy to locate exactly what you’re looking for.


on space
Optimize the use of your closet by going vertical. By adding shelves (hanging or permanent) or cubbies you capitalize on the room you have. Don’t get crazy until you’ve taken a full inventory of your wardrobe—you don’t want to overspend on storage if you can cleanse yourself to closet nirvana (ie: extra space!).


yourself to fold
If you find you can’t quite hang everything (wishful thinking!), make sure that you spend some time schooling yourself in the art of folding. To keep your dressers and shelves organized throughout the year, learn how to fold for optimum space-saving—it really makes all the difference.



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