How to plan and pack for a weekend trip


Packing for a weekend away isn’t an exact science. I’m not going to tell you “bring two dresses and a pair of jeans.” So much depends on where you’re going, the weather, and your personal style. But I do have some tips I can offer to help you pack for success.

Here are things to think about while you’re packing for your next weekend trip:

Weekender bag or backpack – Whether you’re off on a business trip or visiting family and friends for the weekend, you’ll want to bring a carry-on-friendly, accommodating weekend bag. This one is trendy, spacious, easily portable, and will totally become your new favorite travel duffel.
Wardrobe colour scheme – The best way to pack for a quick weekend trip is by bringing clothing items that fit within a particular colour scheme. I prefer to bring neutral clothing (gray, black, cream, purples) that I can mix and match. This will help you from packing too many items. It’s usually a good idea to bring one casual outfit, one dressy outfit (if necessary), and one comfortable outfit (for travelling, sleeping, or lounging).
Two pairs of shoes – Whether you’re headed to explore a new city, or to a business conference, you’ll want to bring at least one pair of comfortable walking shoes, and one more dressy pair. This particular pair of sandals can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. You can wear them with almost anything!
Colourful accessories – Since you’re going neutral with your clothing basics, you can spice up your outfits with bright or interesting statement accessories. This scarf gets extra points for its multiple uses (accessory, plane pillow, swimsuit coverup). It’s lightweight, eye-catching, and super soft.
Toiletries – Don’t let your skin suffer while you’re on vacation. You should always bring your specific cleanser and moisturizer with you, no matter your trip length.
Sunglasses – Sunglasses are important to take on any sort of trip. Protect your eyes from harmful UVA/ UVB rays with these trendy shades.
Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger – Nobody has the time to wait for their phone to charge on a wall plug. Make it a non-issue by coming armed with this durable case. It holds a full charge, so you can go about your day without worrying where you can next charge your phone.
Medicines – It’s always a good idea to bring your medicine staples. Make them easy to find by storing them in these bright, super cute cases.
Travel wallet – While travelling, it’s important to have a safe and organized place to keep your ID, money and credit cards.



Camera – You’ll never regret bringing a camera on a trip. You will use it to capture all the new memories you’re making, places you’re seeing, and people you’re with.

Waterproof Cellphone Cas – If your trip takes you anywhere around water, you might be tempted to bring your phone in with you to take a few selfies.
Swimsuit (or two) – You might find it useful to pack a swimsuit, even if you’re not headed to a beach destination. You might want to unwind in the hotel pool or hot tub.
Copy of important documents – Don’t forget your itinerary, plane ticket, or car insurance information (if you’re driving)! This document holder is lightweight, and convenient to carry or keep in your backpack, briefcase, or bag.


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