We have heard a lot about how to treat the common problem of stained skin as a result of dyeing hair. If you can act quickly, your best bet is to lightly wet a cotton ball with some warm water and gently wipe the “slipped” hue away before it can set into the skin. But what if the hair colour has settled? Not to worry, you can use the following tips and tricks to get rid of the stain:

How to remove hair dye from skin and nails   
Photo credit: Theindianpost


  • The time of dye it remains on the skin is very important. It is recommended to wash the dye immediately, the long-time it will stay on the skin the harder it will get to remove.
  • These methods and chemicals should not be applied near eyes as they all can cause severe reactions.
  • During any method, if you feel any burning sensations over the skin, remove the chemical and rinse with a large amount of water.

If you feel that any of these tips are not working then take suggestions from your hair stylist or consult a dermatologist for better removal of dye stains.



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