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Ever heard anyone say You are what you eat? It is very true. The human body functions as an adaptive organism which releases hormones secretions and enzymes as required based on all forms of ingestion. This is to say that if one is a regular Carbohydrate lover, the body mechanism will adapt to burning and/or storing carbs adequately. The same goes for proteins, as the body will breakdown complex protein chains into simpler fractions for energy generation and development of muscle tissue. In the case of fat however, healthy fat ingestion triggers ketone production, which facilitates fueling for the nervous system cells and body tissues. With this in mind, DD Researchers have discovered a better and healthier way of loosing unhealthy fat and its component toxins alongside the organic way; Replace bad fat with good fat!

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Although unhealthy fat can be eliminated the conventional way applying the “Raw Juice Fast Technique (RJFT)” however,there is a better way of using healthier fat to attract out and push out unhealthy fat. This will adequately do the trick! Not disputing the efficacy of RJFT, however, the question remains can this conventional method of replacing and re-positioning fat eliminate toxins along? and the answer remains No! Phyto -nutrients which are water soluble juices are not able to eliminate toxins from inside the body’s fatty tissues, only healthy saturated fats can do this.

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Healthy fats can be found in Avocados, organic olive oil, sesame seed oil, coconut oil and flax seed oil . The healthy fats contain a combination of soluble and insoluble fibers and nutrients which nourish and lubricate the colon, thereby triggering the fatty cells and tissues to give up the the unhealthy fats and stored up heavy metals and toxins. The healthy fats also contain good cholesterol and vitamins which allow the body to detoxify itself and help you loose weight. Out with the bad, in with the good!

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Now that’s how to kick that bad fat out and achieve your weight loss goals quicker!

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