In the nose

If the blockage has just taken place, we must get the child to blow his nose as hard as possible while we keep the unaffected nasal passage blocked.

Another method is to attempt the extraction by gently massaging the nose from the tops towards the orifices.

Sometimes, the ejection of the foreign object through the nose may be affected by blowing hard in the child’s mouth. This should be done by a person not suffering any disease and preferably using a piece of gauze over the child’s mouth, thus keeping to a minimum the number of germs introduced in the child’s mouth.

If there is no success with these techniques then there is point in continuing them. It is then time to immediately move the child to an emergency department.

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If a foreign body is lodged in the eye of a child, the following procedure should be followed: invert)turn upwardly) the upper eyelid as shown in the illustration on the following page.

Once this has been done, attempt, with a sterile piece of cloth, to remove the irritating particle.

If this procedure is not successful, the eye may be bathed with clean or boiled tepid water ( with a ratio of one teaspoon of salt per litre) using an eye cup, or the hollow of the hand. A saturated solution of boric acid can also be used instead of water.


When an insect has entered the external auditory canal, nothing should be placed in the ear to try and take it out. The child should be taken straight to a medical centre for attention.

The doctor will fill it up with glycerin or an appropriate oil. Once the insect is dead, it may be ejected with the fluid when the child’s head is tilted. It may also be extracted by using special tweezers being careful not to push them in too deeply.

The same technique may be used to extract small foreign bodies. If it does not work then a rinse with a jet of warm water from a syringe or by other methods used by the particular specialist will achieve ejection.


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