When a child or adult receives an electric shock, the first and most important action is to separate them from contact with the source of electric power; by either disconnecting it or removing the accident victim from it, using a dry piece of wood or any insulated and very dry object like a jacket, blanket or rope, because regular water is a good conductor of electricity.

It is necessary to teach children to keep away from electrical wires and high tension installations.

They must additionally, be taught that defective electrical equipment is also dangerous.

Power sockets close to the floor, need a special mention because small children have easy access and when attempting to imitate adults, plugging in electrical appliances, sometimes try to insert metal objects, which are electricity conductors.

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Modern homes with their many electrical appliances are very dangerous for young children, who are not able to appreciate these dangers. We must protect the children from these risks, in the first place by installing special power receptacles and particularly GFIs(ground fault interrupters).


When the accident victim is lying on the top of the cable, and it is not possible to readily cut the electricity supply, one of the simplest ways of freeing him is by using a jacket if it is dry.

Two people, each holding one sleeve of the jacket can force it under the body of the victim and quickly and energetically lift him from the live wire.

The manoeuvre must be done with care not to move the cable so that it comes in contact with the victim or one of the people providing help.

Once the electric current has been disconnected from the victim, mouth to mouth resuscitation and heart massage need to be administered immediately, while medical aid is being sought.



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