Welcome back from the holidays. Yes, we know you’ve added weight from the too much enjoyment you had. While you were eating and sleeping, we were busy working on how to make sure you get your body back after the holidays because you are always on our mind.

We’re taking it back to the basics for this super-simple dumbbell workout that will challenge your entire body in just three moves.

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The beauty of this workout lies in its combo moves, which work your upper and lower body at the same time to boost efficiency. You’ll start with a squat with alternating press, continue to a curtsy lunge with curl, and wrap things up with a plank row with knee tuck.

When it comes to choosing dumbbells, pick weights that feel heavy but still allow you to execute all reps with proper form. It should be a challenge—but not impossible.

Complete three to six rounds, resting for 60 seconds between rounds. Then pat yourself on the back if your arms haven’t turned to jelly yet.



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