Article_2_Picture_5It does not matter if you are a beginner or experienced runner, you will end up with minor injuries at one point or another during your sessions. Most of the time, the injury is under the form of a sprained ankle, which could worsen if not treated in time. The good news is that there are quite a few ways in which you can treat a sprained ankle without rushing to the first hospital. Please keep in mind that if your injury is even slightly more severe than a small sprain, you should immediately seek the help of a professional doctor. If you are experiencing just some uncomfortable pain, see how you can get back to normal below.

Compression WrapArticle_2_Picture_2Use a compression wrap to secure your ankle with U like movements. Make sure that you change the wrap every couple of hours.

StretchingArticle_2_Picture_1This piece of advice should always be applied both before and after running (yes, even if you have sprained your ankle). Take fifteen minutes for complete stretching from head to toe, focusing upon joints that you feel are rather stiffy. When treating a sprained ankle, you should work on the hips and legs the most.

Ice Itouchie-dammitIf you find your sprained ankle enlarged, you can always use an ice compress to calm down the swelling. Make sure that you do not place the ice on your skin directly, but with the use of a thin piece of cotton fabric, like a bed sheet. We recommend that you keep the ice on for no more than fifteen minutes at a time.

Movementsprained-ankle-006Even though you are probably under an understandable amount of pain, you have to get your limbs going in order to heal. “Write” out the alphabet with your toes a couple of times each day so you can slowly but surely get your ankle back in action.


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