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Welcome back from the extended weekend and welcome to brand new week. How was your holiday? Mine was different shades of amazing. I attended an event on Saturday that sort of prompted this post. I kinda think I stole the show (even If it wasn’t my event lol!) and because I’m nice like that, I thought to share my tips with you. A friend of mine invited me to her uncle’s birthday dinner on Saturday night and being that most of these events carry on well into the night and eventually become a rendezvous of young adults, I made sure to have my A-game on because I was determined to turn heads in my direction.

First things first, let your outfit reflect the season. We’re barely a week into spring and as you know, spring is associated with flowers. Now, there is no denying the fun, feminine and flirty appeal of a flower print dress.  So I picked out a midi-length body con and with dresses like this, you get loads of extra credit. Why? Because it’s off-shoulder so you give them a bit of shoulder cleavage, its midi length so you’re in checked out in the fashion department and you get to show off the end result of week mornings at the gym. Perfect way to turn heads right? There’s more. Read on.


The second thing? Arrive fashionably late – lol! Yes you read right. There is such a thing as arriving fashionably late. You don’t want to be the lady that arrives when the venue is still empty and a bit stuffy, then your make-up starts creasing by the time the cute guys arrive and you end up looking like a hot mess two hours in. So the event was slated for 4pm – I started defining my brows at 4:15pm. Finished my neutral face beat forty minutes later, straightened my weave, put my outfit on and went down to meet my Uber – It was time to steal the show.


The third thing you need to do darlings, is to express your femininity and let it come through – Pay complements and receive them right back. By the time I got to the venue, anyone who’s attention I had the possibility of stealing was already seated so I cat-walked into the venue with a semi-smile on my face. The combination of the brightly lit pendant lamps, guests seated around their tables and everyone waiting for the next thing on the program to hit off coincided with a skinny 5ft tall lady stomping her nude strappy heels on the floor – and suddenly, everyone turned to look in her direction.

Thankfully my friend saved me a seat so I didn’t attract everyone’s attention and end up looking for a seat like a gate crasher (that would have been a major bummer). She waved me over and during the walk to my table, I stopped to hug a few people, blew kisses to a few on my right and made sure to flip my hair at some point – just because I’m extra lol!

So then next time you have an event and you’re wondering how to turn heads, let the preceding paragraphs guide you.

Until next time,



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