How working out can reduce one’s Fibroids risk

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Uterine fibroids which are noncancerous tumours growing in the uterine wall, range in form and size. Uterine fibroids are characterized by peculiar symptoms such as; heavy bleeding, lower back pain, pain with intercourse or an enlarged lower abdomen. It is also believed that weight gain may the risk of developing a uterine fibroid.

Scientific studies prove that it is common for women between the ages of 30 to 40 through menopause to experience uterine fibroids. Others who are most vulnerable are Afro-American women and those with a family history of fibroids. However, research also proves that managing you’re weight and diet can also significantly reduce your risk.

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Scientific studies also reveal that; the excess ingestion of red meat by women between 30 and 50, increases their chances developing uterine fibroids. In addition, overweight women, with excessive body fat which will produce more estrogen are thrice as likely to be at risk.
DD Health, encourages all women to manage their weight balanced to their body mass index.

Although weight reduction does not necessarily guarantee existing fibroids will shrink, However, regular exercising will reduce weight gain, reduce estrogen levels and eliminate or decrease the growth rate of new or existing fibroids.


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