“I am sick of the Kardashians” – Brody Jenner


Brody Jenner

Welcome to the club!

Son of Bruce now Caitlyn Jenner from his previous marriage, Brody Jenner has revealed that he is tired of his step-family, the Kardashians. The 32-year-old says he is sick of the family’s drama and will henceforth distance himself from them.

“I’m sick of the Kardashians’ drama and I want to distance myself from the family” he said.

The former hills star has appeared in a Keeping up With the Kardashians episode in the past but we have a feeling he won’t be returning to our screens anytime soon. He says he is quitting it for good and he wants to focus on raising a family.

“Growing up on reality TV isn’t normal. I’ve grown out of it now and am quitting it for good. It’s time to settle down and have kids and I can’t wait.” He said.

He also said he was walking away from the spotlight that comes with being related to the Kardashians in a bid to live a more quiet life. Furthermore, he doesn’t want to be attached to the Kardashian name, since his father already split from Kris Jenner.

“That’s the one thing that people don’t really understand. We live 2 completely separate lives. And everybody ties us together as the Kardashians and Jenners. Now, what’s interesting is they got a divorce right, so they’re not even technically part of my family anymore.”

Brody blasted his half-sisters, saying:

“All of the girls are as bad as each other and it’s not a healthy environment to be in.”

The reality star even admitted that he no longer speaks to Kris Jenner.

“It has nothing to do with me actively disliking her. I think she’s just busy. Anyway, I have a mother who I speak to. I don’t need two of them.”

Maybe not the Kardashians, but Kylie and Kendall will always be related to Brody by blood – we wonder how he feels about them?


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