Senator representing Kogi West Senatorial District, Senator Dino Melaye, whose court appeal to stop his recall process was recently dismissed, has said he is ready for his haters.

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The Senator took to his Instagram handle to share photos of himself dressed in a military camouflage and said he is ready for the all the bad people.

'I ready for All dem Bad People''- Dino Melaye as he steps out in Military Camouflage

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Sharing this photos he wrote:

'I ready for All dem Bad People''- Dino Melaye as he steps out in Military Camouflage
“I ready for all dem bad people”

Trust Nigerians they cannot let something like this go unnoticed; while hailed him other lashed out at him for flexing while his people are suffering.

 de_goodfella Said: “You’re being paid over 24 million Naira every month so you can travel to another man’s land to take pictures abi? Now dude look behind you, you see those beautiful houses you see there, they were built by good politicians in that country and they have no business coming to your under developed country like Nigeria to take pictures.”

gabie7470said: “that’s what they call stupidity. None of them in the Senate house has worked to earn this pride. This is not a perfect example of what Nigerians are craving for. Do the work and get the pride from people Awon Oloshi jatijati. The wealth belongs to all citizens of Nigeria not fewer in power. If the other countries haven’t built the beautiful city, he wouldn’t be there to swag.



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