English actor, musician and DJ, Idris Elba has put himself up for auction as Valentine’s date to raise money for charity.

In an online video, the 44-year-ol star was seen offering bidders a “romantic evening” involving cocktails, food and “whatever your heart desires”.

“Hi there. Idris Elba here. I’d like you to be my Valentine. That’s right love, just you and me, no one else around, just us,” he said in the online video.

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“I’ll let you pound my yams,” the actor continues before downing a glass of champagne.

He added that the proceeds will go to WE (Women Everywhere) Can Lead, a charity organisation “working to empower and educate girls throughout Africa”.

It was further stated that the winner will join Elba for “a candlelit meal at one of his favourite restaurants”.

“Once we’re feeling comfortable, we can order whatever your heart desires,” he says.

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“Maybe some truffles, perhaps some steak. Pepper soup and fufu. That’s an African dish and you pound the yams. And you know what? I’ll let you pound my yams.

“And for dessert, you can have whatever you want, and I mean whatever you want.”

Flights and accommodation at a four-star hotel are included, according to the actor’s page on the Omaze website.

Interested parties have until 14 February to make a bid.


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