I’m definitely not wearing that shit – 50 Cent mocks Kanye West’s Clothing Line


It looks like 50 Cent has a new target to attack on social media and it’s none other than fellow rapper Kanye West! After settling his feud with Lala Kent’s fiancé, Randall Emmett, 50 decided to diss Kanye’s Yeezy clothing brand, calling it ‘cr*p!’

He posted what seemed like a paparazzi pic of Ye rocking his own fashion, and in the caption, he wrote: ‘welp now I know I’m not a style icon, I’m definitely not wearing that sh*t. LOL GET THE F**K OUTTA HERE MAN. #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac #FOFTY.’ Yikes!

As for how fans reacted to the mean post, it feels like they are divided down the middle between thinking it was hilarious and just cyberbullying!

Here are a few of the comments from people who completely agreed: ‘He look like he was jailed in Beijing! .’ / ‘that boy looks like he just escaped from the hospital.. .’ / ‘Looking like a bum.’ / ‘He looks like he just got released from a 12-year prison sentence.’

As mentioned, there were others who did not agree it was right to attack Kanye like that and defended him against 50 Cent: ‘Back off ye fofty.’ / ‘Oh no Kayne is gonna accuse you of making fun of the mentally ill.’

At this point in time, Kanye is yet to clap back or respond in any way but some online users are already excited just thinking about their potential feud, commenting things like: ‘Kanye vs Fofty beef 2019 confirmed .’



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