Interesting things to do with your partner in the new year

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A lot of us begin the new year by setting resolutions, a few months down, practically none of our lofty goals have taken shape. In fact, statistics show that by the second week in February, 80% of those who’ve made resolutions will have given them up, and only 8% of the people who’ve set resolutions eventually make good on them.

That said, there are certain things you can do together as a couple in the New Year that will strengthen your relationship overall.

Working together on sustaining the health of your relationship is crucial for all couples.

Here are eight things to do together as a couple in the new year to keep your relationship fresh and deepen your emotional intimacy.

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Schedule a time for weekly review of each other’s calendars

Sync your calendars and check in with each other on a specific day, like Sunday evening or Monday morning, to review the coming week’s schedule.

Do either of you have late-night meetings planned? Is there a day you can have dinner out together? Is there a night when you can plan to have a quiet dinner in?

Go on a weekend retreat

Take a weekend away from all distractions during which you can evaluate and plan the year ahead quarter by quarter.

Is there somewhere you both want to travel to in the near future? How do you each want to spend your vacation time?

Brainstorm ideas and find dates on which you can schedule activities you both want to try together. Which brings us to …

Try something new out together

Make your life together an adventure.

Take fly fishing lessons in the spring. Go for a nature walk in the summer and paint what you see. Find a new hiking spot. If you have a dog, take it to a training program together.

Entertain other couples by hosting a game night once each quarter

Group laughter with friends warms the heart. Keep it small by inviting no more than four to six couples, and mix it up.

It’s common to get into the rut of inviting the same people over and over, but including couples that have never met before keeps things more interesting.

Be of service together

Giving back by volunteering often brings couples closer together as you use your combined resources of time, energy and compassion to serve people in need.

You don’t have to limit yourself to standard ideas like serving lunch at a soup kitchen, but that may be a good place to begin.

Choose a home improvement project to take on as a team

Is there a room in your house that needs a revamp? Is there a closet that needs to be cleared out? What is old and in disrepair or in need of updating?

When you do a task together it can be accomplished more quickly. Be careful, however. Renovations can also cause tension in relationships, so be ready to work as a team.



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