Interesting travel tips for the typical travel junkie


Are you a sucker for travel, touring and adventure?

Do you love and enjoy the idea of packing up your bags and going off on a trip to explore your city, country and other countries globally and learn more about other cultures and the lifestyles of different people?

If any of these resonates with you then you are definitely a travel junkie and you have a zest for living life to its fullest while learning new things.

The following tips below will be quite helpful to you on your next trip or adventure.

  1. Do Your Research

Where is the next city or country your heart is telling you to visit? Is it the tropical island of Hawaii or the city of food and fashion, Paris? It’s all up to you to decide. Still, it won’t cost you anything to do a little Google search on the country you are planning on visiting next.  Find out about the local people that live there, their food, cultural attire, fun places to hang out while there, interesting places to visit, local hotels or guest rooms for you to lodge and their prices etc. All these will give you an edge and help you be properly prepared for this journey so you don’t encounter any severe case of culture shock or make ignorant mistakes. Even if you do make mistakes, it is all a learning experience.

  1. Make Online Friends

You can actually search online for friends that reside in the country you are planning on visiting so they can enlighten you some more and also be of help to you when you eventually arrive at the travel destination of your choice.

  1. Have A Travel Checklist

This will be quite helpful in helping you keep track of everything needed for the trip. Your typical travel checklist should include the following: clothing, toiletries, make-up bag if you are a lady, sweaters or jackets in case your travel destination is in a cold region, your phone, laptop, I-pad, camera, diary, jotter and any other item needed to properly document your trip, painkillers, antibiotics and multivitamins in case of any infections or pains that come up during your trip.

  1. Make Proper Arrangements

It is very important that you book your ticket on time and also cross-check to ensure there are no issues with your booking the day before you travel. Take care of all issues you have back home and empty your fridge of perishable items in a case where you live alone so you won’t come back home to a smelly house after your wonderful trip.

  1. Be On-Time

Get to the airport on time and keep yourself busy with your phone or a magazine while waiting for your flight to start boarding. Once you get on the flight, settle down quietly and relax your mind. You can even say a short prayer there and then for a safe and enjoyable flight. Adhere strictly to all instructions given by the flight attendants and have a wonderful flight.

  1. Settle Down

Once you arrive at your destination, book your room first of all and get settled. You can take a short nap or just relax for a while. Don’t be in a hurry to start exploring yet.

  1. Have Fun

Once you are ready to hit the streets, do it with all your heart. Go to fun sights and hangouts like museums, zoos, beaches, cinemas, restaurants, malls etc. Visit the local markets, taste local dishes, learn native languages, make friends, buy souvenirs and make the most of your trip. Also, be alert and careful of pick-pockets and petty criminals as you are in a foreign environment. Have a waist pouch or hold-all bag to put important items like your phone, ATM cards, cash, passport, camera, jotter, hand lotion, hand sanitizer etc. Most of all don’t hold back in enjoying your trip to the fullest because you only live once.

I hope you enjoyed the lovely travel tips. I will love to get your thoughts though; where is your next travel destination?





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