Is it possible to conceive twins of a selected sex. . . naturally?


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The journey called pregnancy is indeed a very delicate one requiring special care and planning.
Some ask, is there something I can do to select the sex of my baby? Well, maybe!
When considering conception, it requires less if genetically you are disposed to having twins naturally, in which case your attention would be focused fully on the sex selection. Certain foods have been associated with fertility and its benefits. Yam for example is great at increasing the chances of twin birthing, due to its positive impact on fertility and ovulation in particular.

At the point of planning you need to eat lot of yams, at least 12 weeks prior to conception. This will position your body perfectly in favour of twin conception. Make it interesting by trying variety of yam menus, but keep up the yam in your meals. The adverse effect of this strategy is an increase in carbs which could lead to weight gain. Burning the stored up carbs through exercise will help to balance your weight. Remember that being overweight is disadvantageous to conception in the first place, however, studies have shown that being older in age with a BMI of 30 and above is an advantageous position for twin conception.

When planning for twin girls, it is important to note that xx chromosome sperms are heavier, live longer and are slower and passive swimmers whilst the opposite is the case for XY chromosome sperms. Male sperms swim faster and live only for 24 hrs, whilst female sperms can live for 72 hours. So sexual union must be planned 2 to 3 days before ovulation. If you want male twins, it is beneficial to strike once ovulation is certain. Alternatively if you desire girl twins,strike a bit earlier than necessary to allow the male sperms time to die leaving the XX Chromosomes.

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