According to new reports, Justin Bieber has a new roommate. And she’s one pretty young lady!

The 22-year-old popstar was spotted with Transformers: Age of Extinction actress Nicola Peltz on May 25. According to a source quoted in the new issue of Us Weekly, the both of them have had sleepovers at his Beverly Hills home… If it’s true, ‘wonder how much actual sleep takes place during those evenings together. #JustSaying!

Is Justin Beiber dating Hollywood actress Nicola Peltz?
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Justin and the actress were said to have met at an album release party in the city of Toronto, Canada and eventually got together in Los Angeles last month when Bieber had some off time between his Purpose World Tour dates. “The two have been chatting for a bit now,” explains the insider. “it appears He’s really into her.“

The pop singer reportedly asked the 21-year-old to join him on the road on June 12. “Justin flew her over to Toronto so as to show her around city,” says a source close to Bieber, who separated from Hailey Baldwin early this year.

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It appears the feeling is mutual. “Nicola likes Justin a lot,” the source privy to the sleepovers suggests. Peltz hung around Bieber’s home country for a few days, sharing a June 14 selfie captioned “Toronto.”

Contrary to his line in the hit single “Love Yourself” (“When you told me that you hated my friends / The only problem was with you and not them”), Beiber’s new love interest and his friends get along very well. “All his pals love her,” reveals the Bieber insider. “They’re still going strong.”



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