Jay Z helped me pick my album title – Nick Jonas



Earlier this week, 23-year-old Nick Jonas, an American singer, songwriter and actor, who is also one of the Jonas Brothers (a pop rock band) revealed the artwork, tracklist, and first single from his soon to be released album Last Year Was Complicated.

An interesting title it is and Nick says it was all Jay Z’s idea as the Roc Nation rapper helped him pick the title.

During a recent Q&A session with Billboard, Nick revealed he met with Jay Z after Roc Nation partnered with his manager Phil McIntyre’s Philymack company.

“I had a title picked out. It was called ‘Unhinged’, it’s one of the songs on the album. Jay Z said, ‘Look, listen. As I’ve heard the whole body of work now and gotten to know you better, I don’t feel like it quite sums up the story you’re telling. So, let’s just talk about this year of your life. What’s it been like?’ And I said, ‘Last year was complicated.’ And he was like, ‘That’s the title!'” Jonas said.

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At the time, Jay asked him about his life and he responded with “Last year was complicated.” That’s when Jay suggested that Nick should make that the name of his next LP.

The album ‘Last Year Was Complicated’ is due out June 10th.


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