Jealous boyfriend waterboards girlfriend for chatting with another man


Jealous boyfriend Dylan

Jealousy at its Peek! This 22-year-old jealous boyfriend from Winconsin, known as Dylan VanCamp stands at risk of being sentenced to 10 years in prison for waterboarding and violently abusing his girlfriend in an attempt to find out if she’s cheating on him.

Dylan had reportedly been dating his girlfriend for a month before the incident. He apparently got angry when he saw her chatting on social media with another man she had known for some time.

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According to her report, he first punched her in the face… Then he dragged her by her hair out of the shower, covered her face with a cloth and started pouring water on it. She claims that he left her eyes uncovered so that she could see what he was doing.

The police investigating the incident also reported that she was truly waterboarded by her boyfriend. “VanCamp dumped about three cups of water, trying to get her to admit that she was cheating with the guy she had been on the computer with. [She] stated that she could not breathe and it felt like she was drowning.”

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Dylan has been charged to court with six count charges: suffocation, stalking and battery, attacking her on two occasions before the present incident – one of those times, she fell unconscious (Biko, why did she still stay with him?!).

If he is convicted, he will have to spend the next ten years of his jealous life behind bars and also pay a fine of £18,000.



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