Movie making is some really good business! Talking Holly not Nolly sha
More than two decades after Steven Spielberg created a new era of the summer blockbuster with “Jurassic Park,” dinosaurs again ruled the Earth with “Jurassic World’s” $511.8 million worldwide opening — the best global rollout in history.
It’s the first time a film has ever taken in more than $500 million in one weekend, and Universal and Legendary’s “Jurassic World” opened at No. 1 in all 66 foreign markets in which it debuted.Sunday’s international estimate for “Jurassic World” is $307.2  million, behind only the $314 million of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2” in 2011. It is Universal’s highest-grossing international weekend by a large margin, beating the previous record holder “Furious 7,” which rolled out to $250.4 millon abroad.



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