Keep your nose in shape with these simple workouts


When talking about features that make a woman stand out, long and shiny mane, big eyes, perfect pink lips and of course a sharp nose, come to the mind.

Unarguably, a sharp nose catches the attention of people to your face more than any other feature and also women with sharp noses carry-off makeup more easily than the others.

So here are some easy and best exercises that can get your nose shaped instead of the expensive cosmetic surgeries.

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1. Nose shortener

This is for ladies who are tired of their long noses. The bones and muscles are never the same when aging as some become weak. You can take care of that by placing your index-finger on the tip of your nose and pressing it gently, then push the index down by exerting downward pressure by your nose. This exercise can be done daily for an effective result.

Keep your nose in shape with these simple workouts
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2. Nose straightener

The importance of smiling cannot be over emphasized. You would be glad to know that it can also help you to get a straightened nose. To get this done, you need to smile and push your nose upwards. This helps to build the muscles that are on the sides of your nose. This needs to be done daily for 20 to 30 times to get a straighter nose.

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3. Nose shaper

This workout is for those that wants a well-shaped nose without series of surgeries. Press the bottom sides of your nose with the help of your index fingers, while flaring the nostrils. This exercise also prevents your nose from sagging.

4. Breathing exercise

Yes breathing!

It is a wonderful way to strengthen and shape your nose. You need to block your nostril on one side and inhale within four seconds from the other side.

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5. Massaging

Finally, the simplest and most common is massaging. It’ll give a narrower shape to your nose. This exercise is also perfect for those suffering from sinus or migraine.

Massage each area of your nose, with a massaging cream – the bridge, the tip and the sides – gently in circular motion.

This has to be done regularly over a period of time.



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