Kejiro's demon


The morning came smiling and full of promises. Kejiro picked himself from bed, cleaned up and prepared to make some trouble in the village square. He made out a plan to cause chaos but, unknown to him, the people of the various communities had joined forces to fight a common enemy. Apparently, the people of the community were no longer willing to face the masked men lying down. They formed a vigilante group and the leader of the vigilante group had promised that the masked men would be caught with their pants down.

Kejiro’s Demon Episode 4

On this day, the masked men were in chains. There was loud uproar on the streets that led to the village square. Kejiro joined the stream of people gathered to witness the revelation of the identity of the masked men. He made his way to the front and stood a few feet from the criminals that had fallen into deep waters. They were bound in ropes, three men covered in bruises. Their masks had been removed, their clothes too, and he identity revealed. The man that was named the leader of the gang was his ‘uncle Chike’. Even with the injuries on his face and the swollen eyes he could identify his mentor. He could not believe his eyes, the same gang that was responsible for stealing, killing and terrorising the area was led by his innocent looking uncle. Although he knew that Chike wasn’t as straight as an arrow, he saw him as the mischievous uncle, not an armed robber and certainly not the leader of the masked men. He had seen the other men with Chike; they were together under the Udala tree the last time he visited.

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Kejiro looked in the direction of his uncle and their eyes met, a fresh gust of wind slapped him in the face and drew water from his eyes. He recalled Chike’s words to him, “you can be young without money but you shouldn’t get old without it”. Kejiro began to wonder, was his uncle trying to hint him that he was a thief? He would invite Kejiro and tell him that there was much profit in getting an education and being an upright person but Kejiro never listened to him with both ears. In his opinion, his uncle was blowing hot and cold.

The masked men received heavy beating. Their fate was in the hands of the angry mob. More people trooped in from various directions, some carried sticks others carried anger. Hell was unleashed on the masked men and eventually tyres were placed on them. Fuel came, and the men were set ablaze.

It was a horrific sight but there was a show of satisfaction from the mob.

Kejiro couldn’t hold back the tears but knew it was inappropriate to cry in such a gathering. He ran out in search of a safe place to cry. A few minutes later there was a figure casting a shadow on him. He looked up and saw Chukwudi; the little boy he had threatened days earlier. Chukwudi smiled, looked at him like a defected foe and announced.

“Your turn will come and I will join them to beat you up”

Without waiting for a response, Chukwudi turned around and joined the jubilant crowd.

Kejiro took another look at what had become of the masked men and memories of his uncle Chike returned.

‘Turn a new leaf, leave this community, get an education and live a sincere life.’

… be continued


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