Kejiro's demon

Kejiro, with his cold countenance, curved nose, fleshy cheek and rapid walk – although not as rapid as the hawk-like glance of his eyes – came to a halt in front of the lifeless bodies of the family that had brought him to “the big city”. Confused and alone, Kejiro shuffled his weight from one foot to another. He sucked deep breathes through his nostril as he reflected the events that had stolen his peace.


Episode 1 Kejiro’s Demon

Nine-year-old Kejiro stood at the edge of the village square; concealed behind some stubborn overgrown grasses. He wore wickedness like a robe, held a stone on one hand and a catapult on the other. He patiently waited as the other children rode along on their bicycles. In response to the voices in his head, he shot from his catapult at unsuspecting children; he left them crying for help.

Kejiro delighted himself in mischief, on one occasion he was rejoicing over his triumph when Chukwudi, the son of Nana, saw him where he hid and marched audaciously to confront him. He was chubby with a smile plastered over his face. He wore an undersized shirt that revealed some part of his protruding stomach. He had bulgy eyes, which were squinted, probably to show innocence, or worse still laziness.

“I saw what you did and I will report you to your father” he said unapologetically

Kejiro came out from behind the bushes revealing a fur hood sweater flopped over the top of his head. The hood revealed strands of fine dark hair and his dark skin. His eyes were laced with dreadfulness and a frightening frown plastered his face. As Chukwudi beheld the erect stance of Kejiro, his memory came alive.

It had been said that a goat ate Kejiro’s placenta after he was born and so he was cursed to be stubborn. Some people said that Kejiro came to this world with so much wickedness that it killed his mother as she gave birth to him. In just nine years, he had built a sinister reputation for himself. He was the child parents pointed at a good example of what their children should not become. He was the child that teachers in school didn’t what the displeasure of tutoring. He was the child that stretched the limit of the patience of the priest. He was the child that everybody agreed was best left to implode. Some people rumoured that he was possessed by a legion of the worst kind of evil spirits and condemned to be a trouble maker for the rest of his life.

Chukwudi began to sweat profusely, he trembled as he recalled the rumours.

Kejiro wiped his nostril with the back of his hand and looked into Chukwudi’s eyes. Although Chukwudi was a few months older and stood a few inches taller, Kejiro cut him down to size and gave him the scare of his life.

“If you dare go about running your mouth to anybody …”

He paused briefly and exhaled mischievously, pointed his finger and narrowed his eyes aggressively in a fixed stare at Chukwudi, then continued.

“If you say a word about this to my father or anybody else, I will make sure that your sweet loving mother goes to meet her husband in the land of the dead”

He spoke each word without batting an eye lid. One couldn’t hear a child in his voice but a monster. He looked at Chukwudi, gradually moving his gaze from the boy’s toes to his head. Then he continued,

“If you doubt me, go ahead and open your mouth. I will make your darling mother’s passing look like an accident and you will understand the meaning of loneliness. Now get out”

Chukwudi didn’t say another word, he momentarily forgot how to speak. In the brief moment it felt like he had lost some weight and some height. His courage was on the ground and he couldn’t bend to pick it. He nodded sheepishly, swallowed his pride and ran with his tail between his legs.

end of episode one

…stay tuned


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