Ride Along 2 (2)

After topping the North American box office for four good weeks, Star Wars: The Force Awakens has dropped to number 3 this weekend. Ride Along 2, the story of 2 brothers-in-law premiered at the top, followed by The Revenant at number 2.

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Movie lovers were excited to once again see the comedic chemistry of Kevin Hart and Ice Cube as they reprised their Ride Along roles, with the film picking up an estimated $34million over the weekend.

Ride Along 2 (1)

Leonardo DiCaprio’s The Revenant also performed strongly at the box office, picking up $29.5 million in revenue over the weekend, helped along no doubt by the film’s 12 Oscar nominations. The politically charged 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi pulled in $16 million over its opening weekend, putting it at number 4.
The box office estimates for the weekend  are as follows:
  1. Ride Along 2 $34,036,000
  2. The Revenant $29,500,000
  3. Star Wars: The Force Awakens $25,120,000
  4. 13 Hours:The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi $16,000,000
  5. Daddy’s Home $9,300,000
  6. Norm Of The North $6,675,000
  7. The Forest $5,792,000
  8. The Big Short $5,200,000
  9. Sisters $4,417,830
  10. The Hateful Eight $3,447,000
Star Wars has now reached $851 million domestically, making it the largest movie in US history and has earned $1.86 billion globally.
I so wanna see Ride Along 2…. Wonder when it’ll start showing in Nigeria?!



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