Yeah, guys love to receive gifts on their birthdays and other occasions just as much as we ladies. Wondering what to give them on special occasions? well… let’s start with what not to give him. These are some of the gifts you should never give a man.


I’m going to start with this because it seems many guys still complain they get boxers and singlet as birthday gifts or whatever gift. If you belong to the calibre of girls that buy these for your boyfriend or friend, please stop. There are better gifts you can give him that he will appreciate even more. I’m sure the guys are tired of the singlet and boxers they keep receiving.

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Cheap/Fake Jewelries:

Just as we hate cheap jewelries, men hate it too. Don’t buy him jewelries if he is not going to have the opportunity of rocking it for long. Buy him something of quality. Almost every man wears wristwatches, you can get him a good brand; Swatch, Rolex, Hublot and many others that are awesome. You can also get him a very simple looking bracelet or necklace if you can afford it.


I know most men like to drink and party but it doesn’t mean a gift of alcohol will be well appreciated; especially if it is a not so good brand of wine. If you’re going to give him alcohol on his birthday, make sure it is something really amazing and don’t buy him vodka if he is a huge fan of whisky.


I’m not saying you can’t give a guy a wallet as a gift, especially if the one he has is worn and old but don’t give him the wallet alone. You can add leather slippers, shoes, a tee or any other thing he will love. You can actually give him the wallet with the jewellery and a really (not cheap) belt.

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Fake/Cheap Perfume:

You don’t want him smelling like a badly embalmed corpse, so it is best you buy him something really nice. It doesn’t have to be so expensive; there are awesome brands of perfume that you can get for less than 10,000 Naira. He should be excited about the gift and not disgusted by it.

Tickets To Boring Events:

It is very easy to know what guys like, at the same time, your predictions may be wrong. I’ve seen guys who actually detest watching soccer. So, if you are going to buy him tickets to anything, it has to be some place he will be excited to go to. You can’t buy him a ticket to see a romance movie when Termination is showing at the same time. Before you buy a ticket, always be sure it something they will love to go for.

Kitchen Appliances/Utensils:

Except he is a chef or he loves cooking or he just moved into a new apartment and you’re trying to save the day, do not buy a guy kitchen appliances or utensils. The best you can give him is a maid that will help him prepare his meals. Some guys don’t even know their way around a kitchen much less know how to cook. If you buy guys like that kitchen stuff, you’re going to meet it in its carton or on the shelf gathering cobwebs and dust.

There are thousands of things you will give a guy that he will love. You don’t have to be cliché and dash him boxers and singlet because everybody is buying it. There are game consoles, iPods (or any music players), gadgets like plasma TV, phones, headsets or take him out to eat in one of his best spots (it doesn’t even have to be Eko hotel and suites; correct mama put where they sell amala and gbegiri can always do the trick). Don’t think about the cost. Remember, what is worth doing is worth doing well.




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