No offense but we have to talk about things like this! Ladies, can you date or marry a divorced man or a ‘soiled’ man?

I used this word ‘soil’ to refer to men who are divorced, have another wife or widowed or have children outside of wedlock.

Before you go into any relationship talk more of getting married to one of those men above, you must realize how controversial divorce is in this part of the world. The widower can be treated with kindness, even the man with a child out of wedlock but when it comes to a divorced man? Things spiral out of control.

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Personally, I wouldn’t love to get married to a divorced man, I could go for a widower though but there would always be questions, insecurity, and fears.

Would you always be curious about the other woman? If the man is divorced it makes it worse.

You must consider the man’s family first, this divorced man must have had kids, where are they? And would they accept you? Don’t go into marriage with such a man thinking his kids would readily welcome you, sorry, you’ll be their arch enemy because they’ll feel you were the reason their parents broke up with each other.

Also, have you thought about the other woman? What were the circumstances that led to the divorce? This man may have told you she is a bad woman, we would never know, there are two sides to each story, what if he treated the woman badly?

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You really need to investigate so you don’t walk into this trap.

If the woman was the cause of the divorce, if she was a bad woman, she may want to ruin your marriage to her ex-husband. So think carefully before you go to the altar.

Finally, ask yourself if this is really what you want? This is a huge baggage? What if he isn’t really divorced?

Have you considered that?

Well, I wouldn’t answer these questions for you, but, if he failed with the other woman, are you 100% sure, he wouldn’t fail with you?



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