Ladies, there is an unusual beauty product that has become a popular craze on the internet now, and trust me, it’s more fashionable, less demanding and more comfortable. They are the peel off Romantic Bear gloss for your lips and the peel off Extude House stain for your brows.

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Peel off might sound a little creepy if you are easily disgusted and didn’t like your friends peeling the glue off their hands after art class. But this is nothing like that.

Now you are probably wondering what this peel off formula actually adds to our beauty regime? Well, the two products one for your lips and another for your brows actually have a uniform shading effect.

Here is how it works, you first apply the Romantic Bear gloss to your lips and Extude House stain to your brows, then leave them to dry. When you are sure it’s dried, you can then peel them off.

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If the thought of this scares you, it’s probably because you haven’t tried it yet. The trend is really nice and beauty fanatics are loving the results of the products already. They claim the colour stains last a few days. Meaning they don’t have to spend all that time making sure their brows are on point every morning. Wow… isn’t that lovely?

I’m tempted to say this product is simply satisfying rather than scary.


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