Many women have lost men they wanted in seconds because they simply played hard to get — some because they were just being childish or plain ridiculous.

hard to get

These are five tips to guide you while trying not to look cheap or easy and to make that man break a sweat. You wanna have that girly satisfaction from exhausting his ego, don’t ya (rolls eyes)?


Stop! Don’t Say Anything Yet Until . . .

Most girls won’t admit that when a guy approaches a girl, she can get nervous immediately and her heart may start pounding hard like he is pointing a gun at her.

However, she may pretend to be as confident as the queen of the Amazon and put up a military front.

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Please try to calm the inner storm before you think of what to reply the gentleman. Smile to buy some time (It doesn’t mean you are sending favourable signals to him).

If you reply him in a state of nervousness, you may say something off like “I don’t have a phone” to a “Can I have your number?” request when you are visibly holding a phone.


What To Say

Knowing the right reply to give is also a problem. Don’t say ridiculous stuff like you don’t give guys your number or ask questions like why he wants to have your number.

Such can put a dude off and may pass you off as childish.

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Instead, you should answer with plain statements like “I can’t” or “I don’t want to” or “I am not interested” or “I don’t trust you” or “You look like a player” or “How are you sure I don’t have a boyfriend already?” or “I am tired of giving guys my number” (This is very different from “I don’t give . . .”) or “Too many guys are on my neck already”.

Plain and straightforward.


How you should look

Give a 50% smile or just keep a pleasant countenance rather than a frowny face. If you really like that bro, you should not show negative vibes or you will discourage him.

Look straight at his face but not his eyeballs or you’ll spoil your impeccable flow by blushing or showing that you cannot withstand his gaze (if you are really crushing).

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It will only boost his confidence and give him quicker assurance that he has you on locked. Your game will be over before it started.


Your friends can advice you but . . .

You may not know which of your female friends like him and you don’t know if your male friend is into you. So receiving advice from them should be like embarking on a laboratory experiment.

Apart from the above scenarios, advice can be negative or positive for other reasons.

Weigh what they say and confirm before accepting theories. The bottomline is to think carefully. Remember that you are responsible for your own happiness.


Be conscious of every move and the timing

Appearing shy is another appropriate way to play hard to get as long as you keep it up for a while but not too long.

You should know when to stop. That is when you see his momentum declining or any other similar signal. He won’t allow his ego to be on the line for too long.

If you like him, nothing stops you from making it look like love at first sight right in that first moment or two days after or AT MOST in a week.

If you are stretching it past one week, then you’ll have only yourself to be blame for losing him.


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