Makeup can be done in different ways to enhance your personal image and that’s why we are going to explain to you step by step what the most flattering and easy trends this season are, to help you look absolutely beautiful.


There are various new trends this season. Fist, there is the natural look with earthy and gold tones, and neutral tones for the eyes and transparent but shiny lips. and then, there is the sexier look with darker tones for the eyes from navy blue to purple, and (don’t forget black), and dark full lips.

ADVICE: Choose a look that works for you and one that you feel most comfortable with and follow the advice that we give you below.

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Give a touch of something pearlescent to your foundation and you’ll achieve a modern and flattering look.

ADVICE: Apply your foundation to the entire face. Once it has been applied to the skin, wait a few minutes for it to absorb, apply a small amount of illuminating powder in the T-zone, forehead, cheekbones and chin. Blend it well with a brush for a pearly but natural effect. The result, light satiny skin.


Brighten your look by using a light cover-up which is lighter than your skin tone over your foundation.

ADVICE: Blend it well around your eyes with your fingertip to take away any excess. And that’s it, a great look without bags and full of life.


For a natural look, use browns and neutral tones.

ADVICE: Apply a golden tone on the upper eyelid to achieve the look and give it a touch of light. If you want your eyes to have a stronger look, use a dark brown pencil on the inner eye.

For a sexy look, use darker tones, the ones you like the most, from navy blue to bottle green. Or if you like, use greys or blacks.

ADVICE: Don’t forget to put the darker colour on your eyelid putting a blended line next to the eyelashes and put makeup on the outer eye with a black pencil. Lighten the eyelid just under the eyebrow with a pearly or shiny white for a sexy arousing look.

ESSENTIAL: Everyone notices mascara so curl your eyelashes beforehand and use two cotes to give them volume.

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Give your cheekbones a healthy look with soft rosy natural colours.
ADVICE: Blend blush well with a clean brush and loose powder on your cheekbones.


If you want a natural look, or you have put too much lipstick on, apply lip gloss for a juicy natural look.

ADVICE: Choose a lip gloss that also shines and protects your lips.

On the other hand, if you want to forget the natural look, try a passion red or a bright fuschia. The result, sexy provocative, but natural lips.

ADVICE: Use a well-sharpened lip pencil that is very similar to your lipstick to outline your lips. Do this before applying lipstick so that the colour will last longer and it will be easier to use darker tones.


Wash your hair with a rinse similar to the natural colour of your hair to make it brighter but without changing the colour.

ADVICE: Ask your hairdresser. There are rinses that naturally moisturise and give shine to the hair.



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