They never go out of fashion, they always add variety and glamour to your outlook… they are called sunglasses.

As every woman has different face cut and different features so sunglasses are featured in a way that makes every woman happy. It’s a must to understand what type of sunglasses will suit your face and will not give an odd look.

Ladies: Trendy sunglasses you can rock always
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Detail knowledge will help you not only invest in the best pair of sunglasses but also gives a glamorous look. The size of sunglasses has to be in accordance with your face size and type. For women having small faces, they should straight away go for smaller sunglasses, whereas bigger sunglasses will compliment bigger faces. Even the tone of your skin tells which type of sunglasses one should opt for.

Every fashion should not be followed as it is, fashion is good only when it suits you. Similarly, every other design of sunglasses is not meant to be yours unless and until it is truly meant for you. Below are some tips that should be kept into consideration when selecting your perfect pair of sunglasses.

Ladies: Trendy sunglasses you can rock always
Photo credit: pinterest

Oval face: women with oval faces are blessed as every design of sunglasses works well for oval face. From shields to wraparounds or even rounded edges, frames look best on oval faces.

Round face: for women with round faces, frames should be such that they make the face look longer and thinner. Rectangular style frames and wider angular frames go best with round face.

Square face: since this type of face has a prominent jawline, wide cheekbone and broader forehead, therefore for this type oval, cat eye and round shaped frames work well.



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