Came across this story of Irene Eze who recently had a surgery to remove ‘four’ fibroid tumors from her body and her testimony is so inspiring.

She took to her Instagram page to share how the largest tumor weighed about 8kg (heavier than her first baby during childbirth) was removed from her stomach.

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Read her testimony below:

“Ok!..where do I start from?.To the almighty who has Doné it again in my life!!!..Giving me another massive victory,this time over fibroid!!! I was diagnosed of fibroid when I was pregnant with mi daughter back in 2011..after her birth.I didn’t tink much of it..even though I have d occasional pains but fortunately no bleeding.

“2016 and mi tummy started bulging at such a rate of making me look n feel pregnant…it was a constant embarrassment to be called “iya ibeji” especially when I go to d market.

Irene who had 8kg fibroid tumor removed from her tummy, shares her testimony

“I went for a scan after much prompting by family n friends and to d shock of d sonographer who dis d scan(thinking I was there for a pregnant scan)exclaimed @ d size of d fibroid while asking if I did no I was “pregnant” with it!!..I smiled and he advised n pleaded I take it out of d size of d fibroid has literally shifted mi womb n any chance of conceiving

“Went to several hospitals both private n d general hospitals for diagnosis and the best option was to undergo surgery to get it. The least cost for the surgery being at 250k(excluding tests..blood transfusion,drugs n of cos hospital bill)

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“I prayed..checked mi acct, borrowed n begged friends/ family to raised money I needed n to God b d glory Sunday 7th of Aug at about 4pm, I put on make-up n bounced into Bluebell hospital theater for the surgery.(yes ooo..devil didn’t stand a chance not when I already received Jesus in communion @ 6:15am mass) The 2nd pix shows me still unconscious after d surgery (i came to at about 11:30pm same day)

“4 fibroids was taken out with d largest weighing about 8kg!! (my daughter weighed 3.5kg @ birth)

“I give God the glory. I have been discharged n recuperating @ home (no need increasing mi gbese with hospital stay)

“Mi tummy bulge has drastically reduced and can’t wait to dance b4 d lord with mi songs of praise. praise God with me mi IGfam …bcos I am short of accolades to shower him.

“Thank you to true friends who stood by me. I will dedicate a different post just to appreciate you all. I love u!!! #omeiheokwu #Jesusmyhealer #survivour #doublesurvivour”


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