There has to be more to life o. ‘Came across this post and it got me feeling so sorry for guys who seek young ladies with substance.

I find it sad that more ladies prefer to be ‘big girls’ with empty heads than formidable young ladies with integrity. Don’t get me wrong, make up and enhancers are personal beauty choices but when those are the means for the income one gets from lying on one’s back…then Jesus needs to take the wheel.

So, in contrast to hard work, persistence and patience, here’s how a good number of big Lagos girls attain the ‘big girl’ status.

1. Wear bum bum or hip pads to make heads turn.


2. Use excessive make up and don’t forget your contouring skills.


3. Have a cabman’s number on speed dial and make sure he’s the loyal type that can pick you up at 2am when Senator Boniface calls to tell you he’s feeling cold.


4. This one is for the guys… make sure you are always bearing gifts of  correct sharwarma or dominos pizza  accompanied with a sisterly coldstone ice cream


Viola! You are a Lagos big girl. Smh. What are your thoughts on this?


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