Lolol. The academic and administrative activities in Lagos State University (LASU) were paralysed as workers reportedly celebrated the exit of Prof John Obafunwa.

The workers and their leaders, who wore ankara as uniform, defied the downpour to celebrate Obafunwa’s exit . They sang and danced round the campus for hours. Music was said to have been provided by band boys and a disc jokey while the workers danced, shared drinks and took pictures of the celebration.

SSANU-LASU chairman, Mr. Saheed Oseni said: “This will serve as a lesson for the incoming Vice Chancellor to tread softly. He or she must know it is teamwork for him or her to succeed. NASU-LASU chairman, Mr. Agosu Albert said many people thought the workers would not be able to sustain the crisis but that they were able to overcome.

He recalled that it was the second time LASU workers were celebrating the exit of a VC, adding that this would serve as a lesson for the incoming VC.


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