Drama in the paradise as late Ali Muhammad’s family fight over his £40million fortune following claims that his brother, Rahman Ali, has been cut out of the will altogether.


It was reported that Rahman Ali has been banned from a family meeting in Los Angeles, which was arranged to discuss the three-time world heavyweight champion’s estate.

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The boxer’s son, Muhammad Ali Jnr, has indicated that his 73-year-old uncle will not receive any money from the will amid a long-standing row with Ali’s wife Lonnie, Daily Mail reports.


In an interview with the Sunday Mirror, Muhammad Jnr said the family is preparing to ‘go through hell’ as the dispute rumbles on.


He said he hoped relatives would eventually put their hands in their pockets to help his uncle, who fears he too has Parkinson’s – the same degenerative disease his brother suffered from for decades before his death in June.

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Muhammad Jnr, 44, told the newspaper: ‘Rahman is really hurt because Lonnie didn’t invite him to the family part of the funeral. He was meant to be at the hospital, but she didn’t tell him about that.

‘He would benefit from the will the most. I’ll give him some… I feel we all should. It could be the final nail in the coffin if we don’t help him.’


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