Is that shade too dark or even too light for your lip? Maybe you want a little colour but don’t necessarily need to make a statement. Or perhaps you’re curious about that trendy oxblood lip but are hesitant to fully commit. Lipstick-philes, this simple tip will change the way you apply the stuff forever.

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What you need: Your lipstick in question and your finger. (You see where this is going, right?)

What you do: Instead of applying the lipstick straight from the tube to your face (which slathers on the most colour), dab some of it onto your ring finger first. Then lightly press the colour onto your lips, concentrating it in the center. You’ll be left with a subtler hue that you can easily build up to your liking. Just dab more until you reach your desired level of intensity.

And there you have it: Same lipstick, different looks.



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