Every makeup loving woman knows the importance of lip wear when it comes to facial beautification. We can do our brows, fix lashes, wear contacts and apply mascara but nothing is ever the same in the absence of your lipstick.

Lipsticks bring warmth to your features, it brightens your face and makes a big and bold statement about you.

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They come in different shades and sizes, though red is still the classic lip wear, trends are changing and we see colours like blue, purple, black, yellow, green, orange et cetera.

Here’s what your lipstick colour say about you.


What your lipstick colour says about you
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Aha! Everyone loves red because it suits virtually everyone. When you apply a bright red lipstick or any shade of red at all, it shows you as a risk taker, you aren’t afraid to test any water. Red symbolises a woman who is passionate about whatever she does, passionate about her job, in her love life, in anything at all. When people see you, the first thing that comes to their mind is that you are a very bold and confident person, you call the shots and others follow.

Red makes your lips very attractive, thereby enhancing your appeal to the opposite sex, it makes you very sexy!


What your lipstick colour says about you
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Here’s another classy colour after red. It flatters all skin tones as well, Pink is a very beautiful colour and when you wear it think of how beautiful you are. It is girly, wearing pink makes you blossom and youthful. It is an exciting colour, when you wear pink, people think you are calm, very responsible and virtuous. It tells people you like things that are cute and cuddly. You love things that are virtually pleasing like children and pets.

Pink lipsticks portray you as a very happy and easy going person!


What your lipstick colour says about you
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Colours like yellow , green and blue fall under this category. They are very unique and out of the ‘norm’ in the lip wear world.

When you wear purple, green or blue, you are showing the world that you have a vivid imagination. You aren’t afraid to think outside the ‘box’ or be labelled as ‘different’. It shows you are special and you love yourself just the way you are!


What your lipstick colour says about you
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Afraid to try a black lipstick? Don’t be, but make sure it suits your skin tone. Black lipstick isn’t ugly, it doesn’t mean you are evil or have a negative side, but it shows you have a ‘dark side’ like your alter ego.

When you wear black, people cannot read your persona easily, they are perplexed, intrigued. Black makes you a puzzle and this adds to your appeal. It is a very sexy colour after red, try it!


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