The beauty world has long ascribed to the “either eye or lip” school of thought. And while it’s true that too much pigment on both areas at once can look scary and overpowering, there are ways to combine colours on both your lids and your lips for a beautiful effect.

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Here are current combinations of both your eyes and your mouth:

  • Dark Violet and Taupe

The vampy shade brings the main focus to your lips, but the metallic taupe pulls the look together for an overall sultry feel.

  • Peach and Emerald

Light peach and high-impact emerald form a more grown-up and subversive take on the age-old pink-and-green pairing. Peachy-pink lips will make your mouth look luscious while allowing a deep green smoky eyeshadow to take centre stage.

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  • Nude and Violet

A nude lip goes with everything, but a nude lip with black eye makeup is more suspected. For a more unexpected and fresh choice, make your eyes pop with a violet-hued smoky eye.

  •  Red and Gold

To balance the red lips, opt for a subtle gold shimmer shadow on the lids.

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  • Pink and Light Blue

A frosty pink lip with light shadow has a fun vibe. For the look to feel current, use a glossy pink lip with an iridescent blue that will reflect light instead of looking heavy.

  • Coral and Champagne

Coral lips with champagne lids look sophisticated, and the colours are light enough to be worn during the day. Coral lipstick will brighten up your face while a light champagne shadow will lend a soft focus to the eyes.

  • Pink and White

A matte pink lip with white eye makeup looks gives you an innocent look. White eye makeup instantly opens up the eyes, and while it can really go with any lip colour.



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