These top skills will help you stay super healthy and generally fit.

Breathe away more fat

Oxygen helps fuel your fat burn, so the more efficiently you breathe, the better your workout results. The trick: breath in and out through both your mouth and nose.

Get a great workout in 10 minutes

Too busy for the gym? No problem. Just 10 minutes can burn nearly 100 calories and boost your energy level by up to 18%:

Minutes 0:00-0:59: Climb stairs (walk, run, or sprint)

Minutes 1:00-1:29: Do reverse lunges with overhead presses (lunge backwards, lifting arms overhead with each lunge; alternate sides).

Minutes 1:30-2:00: Do squats.

Repeat the circuit 4 more times. Beginners may want to incorporate 30 seconds of rest between each cycle.

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Never forget a name

Focus on the name as you hear it. People who are good at remembering names are interested in them, asking how they’re spelt or pronounced. Then repeat it not once but several times.

Test your posture

Stand up straight and count how long you can hold the pose at left before you have to put your foot down.

Repeat on the other side. If you can’t balance on each leg for at least 20 seconds, you aren’t standing as straight as you think you are, or your muscles are too weak to hold you in place.

Do the exercise 3 times a day on each leg to improve.

Find the perfect doctor for you

The best way to find someone who has experience treating your particular condition is to call the physician referral service at a large university hospital.

Pick the right sports bra

Reach arms overhead and circle them 10 times in each direction. If the bra shifts too much, the straps slip, or you feel chafing, keep looking.

Bend forward at the hips and stretch. Make sure your breasts don’t peek out over the top or sides.

Jog or jump in front of a mirror. If your breasts move up and down more than an inch or you feel discomfort, you’re not getting enough support.

Make anyone laugh (including yourself)

Laughter zaps stress, improves cholesterol, and boosts circulation and immunity.

Do a proper push-up

Push-ups are hands down one of the best full-body toners—the basic move works your abs, arms, and chest. To easily master full push-ups, start in a more vertical position, working your way down to doing them on the floor as you master the form.

  1. Start standing up, leaning against a high counter.
  2. Lean against a desk.
  3. Lean against the stationary seat of a stable chair.
  4. Lean against the second step of a staircase.
  5. Do them on the floor.

When you can do 5 reps with good form (body in line from head to feet), move to the next step.

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Get age-erasing brows

Step 1: Trim the excess. Brush brows straight up, then carefully snip hairs that extend above the top of your natural brow line.

Step 2: Tweeze between brows. The inner edge of your brow should line up with the inner corner of your eye.

Step 3: Define the shape. To accent your arch, which should line up near the outer edge of your iris, tweeze two rows of hair from beneath it. Let the brow’s tail extend slightly past the eye’s outer corner.

Spot hidden sugars

Avoid products with any form of sugar in the first five ingredients. If the word is a “syrup” or ends in -ose, it’s an added sweetener.

Get the sleep you crave

A good cardio workout, such as a 30-minute jog, can help you snag more slow-wave sleep, the deep restorative kind you need to feel refreshed.


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