Hehe. Where my single ladies at?! Want to have some fun this weekend? You should totally take on this special Adventure…scouting for that special one in ‘strange places’

You probably have been waiting year in year out for that special someone to sweep you off your feet and still, no show! Well, you don’t need to wait no more as the key to unlock that padlock of love is in your hands, well….legs actually…#winks

I decided to make it simple by listing out (from experience) strange places to meet your love so read on…


I know this sounds very cliche but the truth is, going to church is ‘trendy’ right now as many have turned it to another Red Carpet/show off point. Anything trendy always have singles showing their faces just to show off that new cloth or car so i think it would just be best you joined the band wagon. BUT HEY, BE WISE BECAUSE THE DEVIL GOES TO CHURCH TOO #winks


This is getting really popular as a platform for meeting the love of your life. It could be facebook,instagram,twitter etc.Ensure you check feeds of your friends and trust me,single girls and guys comments and indirectly drop hints that they are single and searching especially on Wedding blogs like ours. I love this method very much as you can easily see the person’s picture and you can tell if you want to contact them or not. As a woman, nothing stops you from saying hello first. you can break the ice and forget that old saying that you will look too desperate! who cares?? Go get your man!!!


Everybody shops!!! so this is a fun way of scouting for the Man or Woman of your dreams. Look out for the one that has no friends around and say a warm hi. PLEASE AVOID THAT PICK UP LINE YOU USED IN HIGH SCHOOL!!!! you don’t want her running away from you or calling the security and if you are a lady,you could pass a compliment and walk away. if he is smart enough,he will walk towards you to say hi. if not,please leave him alone!NA BAD MARKET BE THAT…


This is still one of the best ways to meet that Ideal Partner. Do not be shy to tell your friends that you are single and searching but of course,not deseperate. jokingly hint them about what you want in a lady or a guy and you could even ask about a friend of theirs you like. Don’t be too shy to expres yourself, afterall,it is a free world and it is either YES OR NO

So guys, what are you waiting for??? Go get that ideal partner before someone else does…lol.




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