‘Why do you look so sad honey’? Kachi shifted closer to her best friend who lay across the huge bed.

 ‘I don’t know Kachi, maybe because it’s almost Christmas and you know what that means, yet again, I’ll be plunged into another major depression’ Sophia sighed and hugged her pillow.

‘There you go again, you have to put yourself together, Soph, it’s been ten years already, you need to learn to let go babe, you gotta be strong’ Kachi rubbed her shoulder.

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Ten years ago, precisely on the 25th of December 2007, Sophia and her younger sister, Barbara, had both lost their parents in a car crash. It had been really tough for them as they were both teenagers, it had been tough the first year but with the help of their aunt, Davina, they were able to pull through.

 ‘I know, I have to be strong too for Barbie, I don’t want her feeling sad’ Sophia sighed and sat up, she loved her younger sister very much and was ready to do anything to make her happy. Apart from Aunt Davina, Barbara was the only family she had left.

 ‘No, not for Barbie, you have to be strong for you’ Kachi frowned slightly, she’d been friends with Sophia since primary school and she knew how selfless she could be. But Barbara, was her exact opposite and for some reason she hated her.

 ‘I keep wondering why you don’t get along with Barbie, she’s pretty and fun to be with Kachi’ Sophia wasn’t oblivious to the fact that Kachi disliked her sister.

 ‘I don’t have any issues with Barbara or whatever she’s called, all I’m saying is you should learn to be a little selfish, you keep sacrificing everything for a sister that doesn’t care about you’ Kachi hissed loudly as she remembered the incident that happened years ago.

It was true Barbie was very pretty, she was more pretty than her sister, Barbara was a donna and she knew this and used it to manipulate men. Sophia had a boyfriend when they were still in their second year at the university, his name was Benet, Sophia had loved him very much, but he’d woken up one morning and broken up with her just like that. It had hurt Sophia very much, but what would’ve hurt her most was finding out her sister, Barbie was the reason behind the break –up.

 It had started as rumors back on campus, about Benet and Barbie shagging each other, then Kachi caught them herself, that was the night her hate for Barbara blossomed. But she couldn’t tell Sophia about it, it would’ve killed her to know Barbie could do such a thing.

 ‘Let’s not fight about this okay? I cannot be selfish, she’s all I have Kachi’ Sophia threw her hands in the air.

‘Whatever, so how’s your boyfriend Oscar’? Kachi decided to change the topic.

‘He isn’t picking my calls, neither has he returned them, maybe he’s busy, you know all these business tycoons them’ Sophia smiled as she thought about the love of her life.

Oscar Nwachukwu was the most eligible bachelor in town and she was pleased to be his girlfriend. He understood her perfectly and accepted her just the way she was.

She knew deep down she didn’t deserve him, she wasn’t a classical beauty like her sister, what’s worse was that she was a little on the plump side, she was fat. Yes, she hated using the ‘f’ word.

Sophia was average height and very chubby, dark in complexion with smooth dark hair, her facial features weren’t so beautiful but her lips could lure any man. And she wore this medicated glasses that made her nerdy.

 ‘I always envy you love, that guy is crazy over you’ Kachi was happy her friend had found love again after Benet had broken her heart, Oscar showed up years later and proved himself to be an angel.

 ‘Please don’t, God would send you a better man’ Sophia comforted her friend who was just out of an abusive relationship.

 ‘No, I don’t want a man this time, I want a woman, I’m considering lesbianism, at least I wouldn’t fall in love with a woman and she wouldn’t have that opportunity to hurt me, so you see my friend? Being a dyke is the only way forward’ Kachi fetched her phone and surfed the web.

She’d vowed never to give any man her heart, they were undeserving of her love.

‘You’re kidding right? Remember it’s fourteen years in jail’? Sophia whistled.

 ‘So? Who’s gonna catch me?’ she replied.

 ‘Oscar’s birthday is coming up soon, I don’t know what to get him, that guy has been really helpful, Barbie told me, he paid five million naira into our joint account, his quota to the building of our restaurant’ she smiled happily.

‘You don’t say’ Kachi exclaimed, this was too good to be true.

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‘Yes, I didn’t know how much to thank him for his generosity, I bought him an expensive perfume, but he just took it and told me,  ‘I did it for love’ Sophia smiled again.

 ‘Girl, your other name is lucky’ Kachi was very much excited for her friend.

‘So we’re opening the restaurant next week, we’ll use this week and decorate the whole place and also get to clear the paperwork with our lawyer’ Sophia explained.

Few months after they’d both graduated, Aunt Davina had called them back to Uyo, they’d been hesitant at first, because the woman always spoke of them marrying early. On their arrival, she presented them a sum of two million naira willed to them by their late parents to start up  a business, considering the job situation of the country.

Barbie wasn’t interested, she had connections that could land her a big job, so the restaurant stuff was Sophia’s idea.

 ‘I am so happy for you dear, maybe I should use that opportunity and advertise my beauty shop, what do you think’? Kachi was a beautician and she wanted to increase her patronage.

 ‘Hmmm, not a bad idea, I’ll speak to Barbie about it’ Sophia shrugged.

 ‘Barbie again’? Kachi was getting irritated.

 Just then, the hot light skinned beauty stepped into the room, looking suave in her evening wear, she was truly an angel.

Her face was perfectly carved with adorable features, her nose was sharp, her eyes were colored with streams of brown and they were veiled by thick lashes. Her mouth was sensuous, her thin lips were naturally red.

She was taller than her sister and was perfectly slender, Barbie was a real Barbie doll.

 ‘What did Barbie do this time’? she’d overheard her elder sister’s annoying friend Kachi mention her name.

 ‘Uh, nothing sweetheart, where are you off to’? Sophie asked sweetly.

‘A date.’ She replied curtly, gazing angrily at Kachi.

 ‘Oh, you now have a boyfriend? I should meet him soon’ Sophia smiled admiring the way her sister looked, she was proud to have such a beautiful sister.

 ‘Uhmm, okay, if you wish, now I have to run along, I don’t wanna be late’ she waved her sister goodbye and hurried out.

 ‘What was that about’?Kachi hissed angrily.

 ‘Really? I just defended you girl, you know how angry Barbs could get, don’t wanna spoil her evening’ she replied.

 ‘Don’t you ever do that’ Kachi climbed out of the bed. Why was Sophia so afraid of her younger sister? The little devil.

 ‘I’m sorry Kachi don’t be mad, why are you so worked up’?

 ‘Your phone is ringing’ Kachi ignored her pleas.

 ‘Wow, it’s my sweetheart, Oscar is calling’ Sophia rose to her feet.

 ‘Baby, I’m sorry I missed your call, I had been very busy, how are you doing’? His voice was low and sexy.

‘I’m fine love, I really missed you’ she replied.

‘No!!!!!   somebody   help!’ Oscar screamed from the other end.

 ‘Hello? Oscar? What’s that? Are you okay?’ she tried to ask but the line went dead.

 ‘What’s wrong Soph’? Kachi had seen the look on her face.

 ‘I don’t know, he kept screaming somebody help, I think he’s in some kind of trouble, we should go see him’ Sophia was restless .

 ‘Are you sure? What if we call his friends’?

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 ‘No, I have to be there for him’, she slipped on her overall and fetched her keys, it was going to be a long night.

‘I have a bad feeling about this, like something terrible is going to happen to us’ Kachi was frightened by the way Sophia drove, she’d never seen her give way to recklessness.

 ‘Come on, move the damned car’ Sophia fired the horn, why was all this happening? So just on the night her Oscar was in trouble, they had to be this terrible traffic.

 ‘I think relaxing would help, we could’ve just called one of his friends and all this would be over’ Kachi sighed and looked out the window.

 She could feel it, Christmas was already in the air, each corner had a tree and the street lights were decorated with penchants of Christmas symbols.

… To be continued!

You’ve been reading: Love Happened at Christmas- Episode 1

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