‘Well, I promise this, once she arrives, we’ll go for our date, so chill’Barbie was getting impatient with him.

 ‘Okay, what do we tell her when we both leave? She may suspect us’?Benet wondered why Barbie was bent on him meeting with Soph.

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‘Wow I forgot that, don’t worry, I’ll cook up a story, I bumped into you, this and that, just chill okay, stop acting like a sissy, my sister doesn’t bite’ Barbie clicked her tongue.

 ‘Okay, whatever you say’ Benet replied and relaxed.

 ‘So did you buy me my shoes? I still remember that’ Barbie took a seat beside him, she hoped her plans worked out well, Oscar would be hers in no time’

 ‘I haven’t, we could go get them later today, I could do anything for you Barbs’ Oscar replied and leaned forward to kiss her.

 ‘Uh uh, not yet, till I say so’ she moved away from him. She didn’t want to get down with Benet, it would only complicate things for her. It was Oscar she wanted this time, Benet had served his purpose long time ago, now he would serve another purpose, with his ‘help’, Oscar would break up with Sophia.

 ‘Alright, seems she’s back’ Benet heard a car roar.

 ‘Yup, that is my sister’ Barbie rose to welcome her.

 ‘Okay then’ Benet breathed deeply.

 ‘Welcome sis, how was the meeting with Oscar’? Barbie flung the door opened.

 ‘Barbie, I don’t know how to say this but….’ Sophia paused as she saw the visitor, what was he doing here? what was Benet doing in her house? After hurting her badly?

 ‘Good day Sophia’ he smiled and rose to his feet.

 ‘What is he doing here’? Sophia offered him a smile and whispered to her sister.

 ‘Well, I bumped into him minutes ago, I went to get stuff, remember I called you, so, he decided to come see you, you know’ Barbie stuttered.

 ‘How nice of you Benet’Sophia tried to be strong. This man had broken up with  her without any reason and here he was, sitting on her couch wearing a smile like nothing happened.

She thought of smashing a bottle in his head, with the type of pain she felt from Oscar’s betrayal, she could do anything to harm someone but she held herself. She would play nice with him, acting all stiff would make him feel important.

 ‘It’s been a long time Sophia, you look amazing’ he lied, she was still as robust as ever.

 ‘Thank you’ Sophia replied quietly and sat beside him on the couch, she had to stay strong.

 ‘So what do you do now?’ Benet tried making conversation, he wasn’t comfortable with this but Barbie had persuaded him, her reasons, he would never understand.

 ‘Uhmmm, I own a restaurant’ Sophia said.

 ‘Excuse me you two, I should go change up, I forgot something at the mall’ Barbie lied, this was the time to take the picture.

 ‘That’s nice, what’s the name of your restaurant’? Benet feigned interest, he didn’t like this.

 ‘I haven’t named it yet’ Sophia wondered why she had to stay with him, she was hurting inside.

 ‘You know what? There’s no need for me to change anymore,  you should go Benet’ Barbie smiled and resurfaced.

 ‘That’s rude Barbs’ Sophia was always shocked at the way her sister spoke to people.

You are reading: Love Happened at Christmas- Episode 11

‘No it’s fine, I have to go Sophia, do take care of yourself, it was nice meeting you’ he rose to his feet.

 ‘Yea, same here’ Sophia replied dryly, she would kill her sister later for Bringing Benet over.

 ‘Okay Soph, I’ll be back in a jiffy, I forgot to buy us some toiletries, would join Benet in his car, take care Sophia’ she pecked her sister lovingly and they both dashed out.

‘No problem, bye’ Sophia touched the place where her sister had kissed her, this was unlike Barbara, Barbara never showed her love. She was selfish and wrapped up in her own world, but she still loved her very much. She was the only sister she had in the whole world.

 ‘I hope I’ll be fine’ Sophia inhaled deeply as reality hit her once more, Oscar had broken up with her.

She felt hurt, deeply hurt, he’d told her he was in love with her a million times, she’d given her heart to him, trusted him completely and now he’d messed her life up.

 She fell on the floor and cried, this was too much for her to bear. Why was she so unlucky when it came to love? Why couldn’t someone love her?

 She zipped her bag open and brought out a mirror, maybe there was something wrong with her.

 ‘I am not that ugly, why can’t I find a man good enough for me’? she sobbed as she stared at her reflection.

 ‘Why me? Why do I always get hurt’? she continued.

 She was going crazy, Oscar’s words still haunted her, he’d dismissed her like someone that meant nothing to him.

 ‘No, I wouldn’t take this, I wouldn’t take this’ she pounded her fist on the floor.

 Her chest rose and fell as she sobbed louder, tears poured down in rivers down her cheeks, Oscar had hurt her badly and it would take long to get over him.

 Her phone buzzed and she picked it up, maybe he’d called back to take back his words, maybe he’d called back to say he’d been joking.

 ‘Hello’ she spoke hurriedly into the phone without checking the caller identity.

‘Sophia, were you able to get the money from Oscar’? it was Kachi.

 ‘Kachi, I think I am going to die’ she spoke quietly.

 ‘Are you okay? What’s wrong Sophia’? Kachi was surprised, she had never heard her friend talk that way.

 ‘No I am not, I don’t think I will ever be’ Sophia swallowed the pain that fought to destroy her.

 ‘What happened? Is it Barbie? Did she get hurt? Is Oscar hurt? Please talk to me’ Barbie was tensed, from the way Sophia spoke, she was far from alright.

 ‘No, it isn’t Barbie, Barbie is fine, it’s Oscar’ she sniffled.

 ‘Are you crying? Dear lord, where are you? I should come there soon’ Kachi  had to go see her friend, though she had a lot of work to do, Sophia still meant the world to her.

 ‘Oscar broke up with me’ Sophia dropped the bomb.

 ‘What? Why? When? Oh God, where are you Soph? please don’t do anything stupid to yourself’ Kachi couldn’t believe her ears.

 ‘I am home Kachi, I don’t know what to do, why do I always get heartbroken’? She wondered if Kachi would give her an answer.

‘Sophia, just hold on, I am on my way’.

‘Here’s your food young sir, I do hope you enjoy it’ Mrs Olaitan served him his food.

 ‘Thanks’ he murmured, he didn’t want the old lady to engage him in another conversation, more like, a trip to his past.

He hated remembering all what he’d suffered. He lived with the pain of not having a mother, the pain of knowing she was either dead or out there somewhere wondering on the streets. And his father had done nothing to save her, he hadn’t even lifted a finger.

You are reading: Love Happened at Christmas- Episode 11

‘Do you like it’? she lingered and watched him closely.

 ‘Yes, just the way I wanted it’ he replied and feasted on the dish.

 ‘Okay, enjoy yourself’ she turned and walked away.

 ‘Good riddance’ Lekan sighed with relief, Ade had ruined his morning already, he didn’t need someone else ruining his lunch time.

 Minutes later, after he’d eaten to his fill, he decided to watch television, Tansi had still not showed up and he was getting impatient.

He suddenly realized how empty and lonely his life had been. He was rich, had political connections, everything a young  man could  ever ask for, but he felt empty and lonely.

 ‘Who do we have here’? he chuckled as he turned on the Television. The show was a reality talk show or fight show: the Jerry Springer show.

… To be continued!

You’ve been reading: Love Happened at Christmas- Episode 11

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