‘Whoa, she’s still your sister you know’Oscar wondered why Barbie sounded so hostile. Yes, Sophia had cheated on him, but he had forgiven her.

 ‘Are you gonna give them to me or what’? Barbie hissed loudly. Benet was of no use to her, he had served his purpose.

 ‘Your attitude isn’t helping you know, I thought you’d change after all these years’ Barbie had a nasty character but he’d put up with her because of how beautiful she was.

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‘I don’t have time for your sermon Benet, just get me the shoes let me get out of here’ she replied.

 ‘Won’t you step into the house at least’? Benet offered.

 ‘No, I want to head back home, I have lots of work to do this weekend’ Barbie declined.

 ‘Alright then, so when do we see next’? he was eager to make love to her.

‘Benet just get me the shoes, you’re boring me with your questions’ She was getting irritated.

 ‘Okay, wait here for me’ he dashed out of the car and stepped into his apartment.

 ‘Yea right, this would work out fine’ she fingered the pictures of Sophia and Benet sitting on the couch together, Oscar would believe her totally.

 Just in time, the devil called her, her handsome devil.

She picked without hesitation.

 ‘My love, how are you doing’? he sounded so romantic and it tickled her ears.

‘Wow, someone’s missed me, why do you sound so nice’? she rolled her eyes.

 ‘I am sorry baby for disbelieving you, for doubting the love you had for me, can you come over my place’? he asked.

 ‘Oscar? What’s going on, you surprise me’ had he changed his mind? But he’d asked her for proof.

 ‘I broke up with your sister, you were right, she came asking for some money with some cock and bull story, I’ve ended things with her, I don’t need no proof any longer, just come over, I love you Barbie’ he trusted her completely.

 ‘Oh my God Oscar, you don’t know what this means to me’she pressed her hands to her chest, this wasn’t happening.

 ‘It’s real baby, come over, Your sister tricked and fed me with lies’ Oscar remarked bitterly.

 ‘I told you Oscar, I know I shouldn’t have exposed her like I did, but I love you too much to let you suffer’ she said.

 ‘No, you did that for love, I promise to cherish you and adore only you, just come over, I miss you love, I’m sorry for last night’ he begged.

 ‘I will, I would be there soon’ she whispered softly and ended the call on sighting Benet.

‘So here are your shoes baby’ he handed her the package.

 ‘Awwww, thanks darling, I really have to go now, see you later honey’ she pecked him on the head and hurried off.

 ‘Just like that’? he called after her, but she never looked back.

Something wasn’t right, he felt it deeply, Barbie was really acting different. Well he had been away for long, people changed.

 ‘I am glad you are feeling better’ Kachi  was happy Sophia had stopped crying.

 ‘What choice do I have? It’s still like a dream, if someone told me I’ll be single by this time of the year, I wouldn’t have believed it’ Sophia sighed.

 ‘It’s okay, we’ll find you another man’ Kachi replied.

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‘No, I’m done with men for now, let’s focus on how I’m going to pay Engineer Lekan’ she said.

 ‘Oh you’re still thinking about that? You should get your mind off that, there must be a way out surely, I still feel Ade isn’t being straight’ Kachi rubbed her chin.

 ‘You mean the lawyer? I felt so too, but what can I do? I feel so stupid that I did all that because of Oscar. I adored him so much, he was my world, my whole life’ a tear escaped and her voice vanished. Once again she became weak.

 ‘Hey Soph, we all make mistakes, you trusted Oscar, you’ll forget him soon, I promise’ Kachi walked up to her.

 ‘What angers me is why Benet chose to show up on the same day? Isn’t that like a bad omen that I may never find love’?

 ‘Don’t be silly love, you would find the perfect man for you one day, just relax’Kachi encouraged her.

 ‘So, you suggested we meet with this Engineer Lekan, how do we go about it, you don’t expect me to go alone Kachi, I cannot face him on my own’ something about the strange man unsettled her.

 ‘That wouldn’t be a problem, I have friends that could find information on the man, when the weekend is over, we go see him, I promise I’ll apologize to him’ Kachi assured her friend.

 ‘Thanks so much Kachi’ Sophia smiled and reached out for her buzzing phone.

 ‘Who is that’? Kachi asked as Sophia’s face brightened with a smile.

 ‘Who else’? Sophia smiled

 ‘Good afternoon Sophia, how have you been’? her aunt was the caller.

 ‘I am fine Aunt Davina, I am sorry I haven’t called you for a long time, I’ve been terribly busy with the shop and all that’ Sophia apologized.

 ‘It’s okay Aburo, how is Barbara? I tried calling her but her number was busy’? her Aunt replied.

 ‘She’s fine Aunt’ Sophia chuckled at the name ‘Aburo’, her aunt was fun of using that.

 ‘You haven’t forgotten Aburo abi, I would teach you Yoruba one of these days’ Aunt Davina replied.

 ‘You know what’s funny? You have never left Akwa Ibom yet you speak Yoruba fluently’ Sophia was amazed.

‘Who told you I haven’t left Akwa Ibom?, well that’s a story for another day’Aunt Davina replied.

‘Okay Aunt, do take care of yourself’ Sophia missed her aunt dearly.

 ‘I would visit you guys this Christmas, so prepare for my visit’ Aunt Davina

 ‘No problem Aunty, we’ll be expecting you’ Sophia grimaced knowing what that meant.

You are reading: Love Happened at Christmas- Episode 13

 ‘Goodbye dear’ her aunt blew her kisses and ended the call.

 ‘It’s been  long, I miss your Aunt Soph’ Kachi smiled as she reminisced their childhood.

 ‘Miss her ke? She wants to pay us a visit o, and you know what that means, I wish Oscar hadn’t broken up with me just yet’ Sophia knew how her Aunt could be.

‘Yaya, she’s gonna go on and on about when we’re getting married’Kachi chuckled.

 ‘It’s not funny Jaire’ Sophia couldn’t find the humor

 ‘Don’t tell me Oscar killed your sense of humor, girl, forget that bastard, you’ll find another guy’ Kachi replied.

 ‘I hope so’ Sophia replied.


‘Welcome my darling’ Oscar was delighted to see her.

‘Hello handsome’ she purred sweetly and pouted her honeyed lips.

 ‘Barbie my love’ he drew her into his arms and she buried her hair on his shoulder.

‘Yes sugar, how are you doing’? she stared into his eyes and found them colored with desire.

 ‘I am sorry I doubted you Barbie, Sophia is gone, it’s you and me forever’ he scooped her into his hands and carried her to his bedroom. The sound of her giggle caused blood to rush to his groin and he felt more than happy he’d broken up with her sister, now he had all the freedom he needed.

 ‘Wait Oscar, are you sure you love me’? Barbie asked.

 ‘Yes of course, You deserve me’ he replied.

 ‘Good, here’s another proof that I wasn’t lying about Sophia and Benet’ she showed him the pictures she’d taken.

‘So she really chose this guy over me’? he remarked silently.

‘I am sorry Oscar, but I promise I am nothing like her, I would never hurt you’ she lied.

 ‘I know honey, it’s just me and you now’ he wrapped his hands round her.

 ‘So promise we’ll keep this between us till I am ready to face Sophia’ Barbie forced his ehad up with her index finger.

 ‘I promise honey, nothing can ever come between us, this would be our own secret’ he relaxed against her chest.

 ‘Good boy’ she rubbed his head gently and wore a mischievous smile.

This had been easier that she’d thought, Oscar had played into her hands like fish into a trap, well, she liked him but she didn’t love him, Oscar was financially buoyant and that’s all what she was after.

 ‘What are you thinking about’? he raised his head and observed her.

‘About kissing you’ her voice was seductive.

 ‘Then kiss me’ he winked, she nodded and brought her head down to his mouth, their lips met at once.


‘I Have served your dinner’ Mrs Olaitan’s shrill voice brought him back to reality. He’d been so engrossed in the drawing, he’d poured out his whole heart, his soul, all the shadows that lurked in his childhood, everything that reminded him of his dear mother on the canvas. He’d sketched her beautiful eyes, those laughing eyes, her strong nose and her beautiful lips.

 ‘I’m coming’ he paused and touched the drawing, he realized evening had come as he stared into the sky.

He’d spent more than two hours in the studio, people never understood what went on with artists, once they got inspiration to do something, time was no longer of the essence, time was no longer needed, focus and passion were greater than time.

 ‘There you are’ he smiled sadly and dropped the pencil, he felt better after drawing her. He would show the world the woman he loved most, he would tell of her mysterious disappearance, he was sure after he was done with the work, that his drawing would be considered for the award.

 As he climbed down the stairs, he realized that was the only weekend he’d spent without a woman by his side.

He smiled briefly and continued walking, he would stroll out later and get some fresh air.

 ‘What happened here’? he noticed the house had been decorated with Christmas lights, red and green ribbons, the air smelt of Christmas, a big Christmas tree was placed in the centre of the living room.

 ‘Inviting the spirit of Christmas’ the old woman smiled.

‘Nice’ Lekan paused not knowing what else to say, the chiming bells and the Christmas songs that played softly in the background brought back memories of his mother and  the cupcakes she baked during Christmas. Why couldn’t he get over her?

 ‘You’re still thinking about her’ the woman noticed the faraway look in his eyes.

 ‘Take them off’ he couldn’t stand it no more.

 ‘What’? the woman asked gently.

… To be continued!

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