‘Take them all off, all the decorations, the Christmas tree, everything’ he suddenly lost his appetite.

‘But Lekan…I only did this to make you happy’ she felt hurt.

 ‘I don’t care, I want all the decorations off by the time I get back’ he rushed out of the house as her laughter filled his ears, his mother had been his angel, now she was gone, she’d left him alone.

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He exhaled as he stepped out of the house, the air dried the drop of tears that had fallen on his face. He’d never cried before, but the memory of his mother made him cry, why was life so cruel?

He saw the streets and how happy people looked, their faces were bright with hope, carols filled the air and he knew he couldn’t escape from the spirit of the season.

 He ventured into the next street, it looked calmer, he decided to stroll for some minutes before returning to the house. He knew the old woman would feel hurt but he couldn’t help it, he did that for his own sanity.

 ‘Oga abeg give me small money’ a little boy rushed and clung to him, the streets weren’t well illuminated but he could see the boy’s face faintly.

 ‘Get away from me’ Lekan screamed in rage, the little beggar uncurled immediately and scurried off.

 ‘Oh shit’ he cursed as he realized what he’d done, how cruel could he be? He decided after the boy and hand him some change as he searched his pockets. Maybe Ade was right, maybe he needed to see a therapist, that was all he needed. He would do that first thing on Monday morning.

 ‘Hello, wait…’ he called after the beggar boy, the boy stopped and stared at him from the other side of the road.

He carefully brought the naira notes out of his pocket and decided to cross, but he’d failed to watch for cars as the street was a lonely one.

 ‘Oga!  See dat car’ the boy screamed, but it was too late.

Lekan found himself on the ground as the bumper of the  Honda jeep rammed into him and he found himself on the ground.


 Oscar had left for his office as one of the clients had requested to see him urgently, so she’d decided to go home and fetch some clothes so she could stay over the weekend with him. Oscar was a very generous, she loved guys who were romantic and caring and Oscar happened to make that list.

He’d bought her a golden designers watch, Giorgio Armani design, she had been caught up in her admiration for the watch, and that little moment of carelessness, she’d felt something hit her car.

‘Oh my God, what have I done’? Barbie stepped out of her car hurriedly as people began to gather, the once empty and gloomy street was suddenly flooded with people.

 ‘Madam, you beta take him to the hospital o, before this man die for hia’ one of the motorcyclists advised her.

 ‘Please don’t die’ Barbie sobbed as she bent over the unconscious man, she held his head in her arms and checked for injuries over his body but she found none.

With the help of so

You are reading: Love Happened at Christmas- Episode 14

me men Lekan was lifted into the back of the car and she ignited the engine and drove off. It was dark and she didn’t know any hospital around that area, the town’s general hospital was an hour’s drive from there and if the man wasn’t well cared for he could die, though he wasn’t bleeding she felt the need to take him to the hospital.

 She brought the car to a halt and knew she had to call her sister for help, their late mother had been a nurse, and during the time she administered treatment on her patients, Sophia had always been there, she would care for the man before they both rushed him to the hospital.

 ‘Hello Sophia, please I need your help urgently, I am in trouble’ she looked back at the man who slept quietly at the back of the car.

 ‘What trouble? I’ve been waiting all day for you, where are you Barbie’? Sophia feared for her sister’s safety.

 ‘I’m close to home, I just wanted to tell you to prepare the first aid kit, I really need your help Soph’ she’d never asked her sister for help before.

 ‘Did you have an accident? Talk to me will you? What happened’? Sophia was already nervous at the other end.

 ‘I’ll be home soon, I hit a man’ Barbie ended the call and slid into the car. Her house wasn’t that far from where she’d stood to receive the call.

 ‘Please don’t die, do you hear me’? she whispered silently as she took one glance at the handsome man.


 ‘What’s wrong? Why the long face’? Kachi had decided to spend the night with her friend till she felt stronger to be alone by herself.

 ‘It’s Barbie, she’s in trouble’ Sophia hurried into the room to get the first aid kit.

 ‘What kind of trouble’? Kachi wondered, she didn’t like Sophia’s younger sister, but that didn’t mean, she wished her death. If Barbie got hurt or dead, Sophia would never get over that. Sadly, the same couldn’t be said for Barbie.

 ‘She told me she had an accident, she hit a man, I don’t know how critical his condition is’ Sophia resurfaced with the box and other medical instruments.

 ‘So why doesn’t she drive him straight to the hospital? I don’t like the sound of that, what if he dies here?’ Kachi wasn’t liking the situation.

 ‘Uhmmm, well let Barbie arrive with the man first, if his condition is terrible, we’re taking him straight to the hospital’ Sophia sighed and fell on the cushion.

 ‘Don’t worry, everything would be fine’ Kachi rubbed her head gently.

 ‘Thanks so much for always being there when trouble comes’ Sophia breathed with relief.

 ‘Good, that should be her car’ Kachi peered out the window.

 ‘Let’s go help her’ Sophia rushed to the door and walked towards Barbie’s car.

 ‘Is he hurt? Is he bleeding’? Sophia asked as she neared the car.

 ‘No, but he wouldn’t wake up’ Barbie replied still scared.

 ‘I say we take him to the hospital right now, they’ll be in the proper place to tell us what’s wrong with this man’ Kachi insisted.

 ‘Sophia, come and help me here, at least take a good look at him, he seems fine to me, I could’ve taken him to the hospital but it’s an hour from here’ Barbie beckoned to her sister for help.

 ‘Fine’ Kachi shrugged and walked to the back of the car.

 ‘You don’t say’ Kachi’s mouth widened in surprised.

 ‘Engineer Lekan’! Sophia yelled as she touched his face, why was all these happening to her?

 ‘What’s that? Do you two know him’? Barbie wondered.

 ‘Barbie, you’ve put me in bigger trouble’ Sophia sighed and pulled out the man. They all walked back to the house silently.

 ‘Babe this isn’t good o, what if this man thinks we deliberately sent someone to knock him down, what if he sends us to prison this time’? Kachi eyed the sleeping Lekan who’d been placed on a couch.

 ‘God wouldn’t allow him’ Sophia said gently and began to feel his pulse. She peeled off his shirt and checked for injuries but they were none.

 ‘Is he dead’? Barbie asked frightfully.

 ‘No, he is very fine, he fainted from shock, but we’ll still have to take him to the hospital to check for internal bleeding’ Sophia replied.

 ‘That would be a good idea’ Kachi nodded her head.

 ‘I have to pick this, please excuse me’ Barbie walked away from them, Oscar had called. She needed to pick, now she felt a bit more relaxed her sister was handling the situation.

 ‘She’s going to pin this on you’ Kachi wrinkled her nose as Barbie walked away.

 ‘How? I don’t get you’ Sophia asked as she busied herself mopping Lekan’s face with cold water.

 ‘Sophia, I have to go now, there’s this date I have, and I cannot disappoint this guy, please take care of him for me’ Barbie bent and pecked her sister and rushed out of the house.

 ‘What’? Sophia was bewildered.

 ‘I told you’ Kachi smiled.

 ‘You know what I am thinking? Let’s kill this man and forget all the problems he caused us. If he is dead, we wouldn’t need to repair his car’ Kachi’s eyes glimmered wickedly.

 ‘What? That’s murder, I am a Christian ’Sophia was amazed at her friend.

 ‘Kidding, girl, brighten up, stop being too serious, life no get part two’ Kachi laughed loudly.

 ‘Not funny’ Sophia narrowed her eyes, she noticed a movement, he’d stretched his legs.

 ‘Oh please, we should take him to the hospital, your sister is a bitch’ Kachi dared to say what plagued her mind.

 ‘I guess I’ll have to support you this time’ Sophia remarked silently and continued mopping his forehead with her towel.

 He was such an attractive man, even in his sleep.

 ‘I need to use the bathroom, excuse me’ Kachi walked out of the room.

 ‘Okay’ Sophia replied absently, she didn’t know when she’d dropped the towel, but she found herself caressing this stranger with her palms. He was so adorable, his chest was hard and well chiseled, tiny hairs sprouted like new weeds on his chest.

 Her eyes travelled down the length of his body, sadly she could never have this kind of man for herself, he would never fall for someone like her.

… To be continued!

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