‘Hey don’t say that, You had Oscar remember’? Kachi took her down memory lane.

 ‘But he dumped me later’ Sophia sneered.

 ‘What makes you think Lekan doesn’t like you, I’m the one that’s supposed to complain, he hates my guts’ Kachi smiled.

 ‘He likes Barbie and she seems right for him, tall, and very pretty’ Sophia replied.

 ‘She told me he was flirting with her’ Sophia replied.

 ‘Hell yeah, well, if Lekan is for you, nobody would take him, but if you ask me, I think he likes you back’ Kachi had seen the fire in his eyes.

 ‘Not really, do you mind getting those flowers out of the bin’? Kachi begged softly.

 ‘Sure, I acted stupidly like a teenager on drugs’ Sophia felt happier speaking to her friend.

 ‘We all make mistakes’ Kachi replied.

 ‘I love you Kachi’ she hugged her friend.

‘Love you too honey’ Kachi returned the hug wondering if this was the right time to tell her friend the truth.

 ‘If you guys are done playing Lesbian, you’ll get out of my way’ Barbie rushed out with her car keys, Oscar had called her to visit him at the office and it sounded urgent.

 ‘That’s rude Barbs’ Sophia wasn’t pleased with her sister.

 ‘Whatever, just swerve’ She ignored them both.

  ‘You pamper her, if she was my sister, I’d spank her ass everyday’ Kachi was annoyed.

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‘Well, I love Barbie so much, she’s all I’ve got’ Sophia chuckled softly as they both stepped into the house.

 ‘Baby, are you okay’? Barbie rushed into his office wondering why there was such a large crowd.

 ‘Thank God you made it here darling, you were the only one I could call Barbie’ Oscar rose up to meet her.

 ‘What happened? Why are there so many people outside your company’? she breathed down his neck.

‘Barbie I don’t know how to tell you this, but I got a huge loan two years ago and for some time now, my company hasn’t been doing well, so I had no other option but to sack some workers and if I don’t pay up soon, the bank would close me down’ Oscar explained staring closely at her.

 ‘Seriously’? Maybe she hadn’t heard right.

 ‘Yea, why would I be kidding’? he wondered.

 ‘So why did you have to tell me? I’m not your business partner’ she wondered if he was going to ask her for money.

She smiled to herself, this was yet another sign, that Lekan was hers. God knew her heart desires and God had granted them unto her.

 ‘I love you Barbie and I know you love me’ he paused not knowing why she was so aloof.

 ‘Love you say? You know why I actually came to your office’? she had not time to pretend with him, she just had to leave him and focus on Lekan.

 ‘Why dear’? he was a bit hurt that she didn’t care much about his business even after telling her what happened, she acted very indifferent.

 ‘I think I made a mistake by coming after you like that, though my sister cheated on you with Benet, I had no right to have an affair with you, I feel like I betrayed her, so I came here to end things between us officially. I think we should stop seeing each other’ she rose to her feet.

 ‘What? Why? But you said you loved me’? this was unbelievable

‘Well, you better believe it. Sorry Oscar but I don’t think we were ever meant to be’ she turned and walked towards the door.

 ‘Kachi was right about you, you couldn’t even pretend’ he felt like smashing his head into the wall.

 Hours after he’d left for work, Kachi’s words haunted him, he had known Kachi for two years and she wasn’t the nosy type or someone who cooked up lies.

he had decided to test Barbie and see if truly she was after his money.

 ‘Excuse me’? Barbie swirled around.

 ‘Sorry to disappoint you, my company isn’t having any problems, those people you see outside have come because of the promo we’re hosting; I decided to use this opportunity and test you, so this is how you would’ve walked out of my life if I lost my wealth? Tell me Barbie, did Sophia really cheat on me or you cooked up lies to break us apart’? Oscar thundered angrily.

 ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about’ she was taken aback, how did he know of her plan? Kachi had to be dealt with.

 ‘Did you ever go out with Benet’? Oscar asked.

 ‘Listen up Oscar, I don’t know who fed you with lies about me, but it’s over between us, just accept it, you could go back to Sophia, she would always take you back. Ciao’ she blew him a kiss and walked out.

 ‘Shit! I’m done for, how could I have been so stupid’? regret coursed through him. He’d acted like a real fool.

Now he took time to consider the issue, why had Barbie been in a rush to ‘proof’ that Sophia was cheating? Why had he listened to her? Why had she insisted they kept their affair a secret?

 ‘But she seemed so convincing’ Oscar mouthed the words. No, he wouldn’t take this, he couldn’t be defeated.

 Barbie had played him for a fool and he would blow her cover, but he was quite sure of one thing, Sophia would never take him back, he wouldn’t even try to win her love, he’d thrown a good woman away and he would regret it with his whole life. But one thing was sure, Barbie had to pay.

 He still wondered why someone as beautiful as that would be so devilish in nature?


‘She has a boyfriend’ he’d repeated the words a million times as he wiped his brush over the canvas.

Hours had passed, morning had danced away, the noon had fled only the evening stayed with him.

He knew he was acting crazy, he hadn’t known her for long yet he felt like they were meant to be together.

He’d  returned from her place feeling sad and lonely, so he’d decided to paint after long hours of sleep.

 Painting was the right distraction for him, he’d tried painting inanimate scenes but nothing seemed to work.

Then he’d closed his eyes, he’d forced out the songs of the cricket, the voice of the birds and the hauling of the wind.

He’d forced everything out, all the pain he felt knowing she had someone special in her life. He needed to drink from the river of inspiration.

 He had expected to see something else, maybe the face of the little beggar he’d yelled at the other day or something else, but there she was, smiling down at him, this time her eyes weren’t sad but bright with love and laughter.

 He snapped out of his reverie and fetched his brush, maybe painting her would help him. He decided to draw the woman that enslaved his thoughts, this new found obsession of his.

 He hadn’t forgotten about the Art Gallery show at Abuja, he decided to paint her first, he would paint her like he imagined her.

 ‘You’ll be so beautiful when I am finished’ he smiled and dipped the edge of the paint brush into the oil paint.

 Her brows were bushy like he remembered, her eyes were bright and alluring, it was her lips that attracted him most and he wished to kiss her, even if it happened once.

He had been able to capture her beautiful face. The pounding on the studio door unsettled him and he decided to continue later.

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‘Your food is ready Lekan’ Mrs Olaitan called out to him.

 ‘I’ve heard you’ he opened the door.

 ‘You have such gifted hands child’ she stepped into the studio and was amazed by his expertise.

‘Only I’m not Ben Carson’ he replied.

 ‘Your mother was always such a beauty, you’ve captured her well Lekan’ the old woman felt the painting.

 ‘I wish she were here with me’ he voiced out his feeling for the first time.

 ‘I wish same too’ the old woman smiled ruefully.

 The new painting caught her attention and she walked to observe it, the face was familiar, she felt strongly she’d met this other woman before.

 ‘isn’t this the lady that saved your life’? the painting was absolutely lovely.

 ‘You like her, I saw it that night, she seems like a good girl’ Mrs Olaitan said.

 ‘Why would you think I like her? Because I painted her face’? Lekan chuckled softly.

 ‘there’s nothing to be ashamed of if you love someone’ The woman knew he was hiding someone, there was a way Lekan had stared at the young woman.

‘I don’t love her’ Lekan replied.

 ‘You’re lying, okay, maybe love isn’t the word, but you do feel something for her’ the woman clasped her hands together and faced him.

 ‘She has a boyfriend’ Lekan scoffed.

 ‘Oh, I see why you’re being so defensive’the woman smiled and walked over to him.

 ‘Let me ask you a question Lekan, be totally honest with me’ she began.

 ‘Okay…’ he waited for her question.

 ‘Maybe she does, I did something really bad to her, I was really hoping we could be friends’ He wished he hadn’t hit her that night.

 ‘Fine. If you go to a boutique and you see this very nice watch you love and they tell you it’s too expensive, what would you do about it’? the woman asked.

 ‘I’ll return home and fetch enough money and get It for myself’ he replied wondering where her question led.

 ‘How’? he lifted a brow, he wasn’t liking the mischievous gleam in the old woman’s eyes.

‘Make her trust you. She must have something that bothers her, make her feel comfortable talking to you. That’s the first step’ the woman patted his shoulder and walked out.

 ‘Trust me’? he scratched his chin thoughtfully, how on earth would he do that? Well, he had never backed out of a challenge, he decided to paint some more before having dinner.

 ‘Now I’m sure of what I want, I think I want to be with you’ he spoke to the painting as he painted her chubby neck, then his brush made a way down to create her breasts. In that moment, he wished he had more than imagination as he remembered the gentle sway of her hips.


 A week had passed and she still hadn’t heard a thing from Lekan, he wondered if she had done anything to offend him. What made her feel worse was that her thoughts were filled with him.

 ‘Barbie has Lekan called you since then’? Sophia looked across her sister who lay across the other side of bed.

 ‘Of course, he says he really likes me but we should take things slow’ Barbie lied, she did that deliberately to scare her sister off because it was obvious Sophia liked him.

She had tried his number severally but either it wasn’t reachable or it was switched off but she wouldn’t give up, she had her plans. One of these days she would pay him a visit in his office.

‘Wow, how nice of him’ Sophia replied weakly feeling disappointed and hurt.

 ‘Yes dear sister, I’m just going through his facebook profile’ Barbie said.

 ‘That’s nice’ Sophia slipped out of bed, she needed to fetch some alcohol though she rarely drank, but getting drunk was the best thing she could do to drown her sorrows. So Lekan had completely ignored her?

Kachi was wrong, he loved Barbie.

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‘You should see this’ Barbie could see the hurt on her sister’s face but she didn’t care, that man was meant for her and no one else.

 ‘Oh? Nice painting. Flowers, very beautiful’ Sophia adored the artwork.

 ‘Lekan painted them, he is a lover of arts from what his profile says, maybe I should buy him a painting to win him over’ She flashed a wicked smile.

 ‘Good idea, let me get something to drink’ Sophia walked to the parlor. She had never felt this hurt before. Oscar had hurt her but she didn’t feel this pained. It was very surprising for her, it was like she never loved Oscar, why else did she get over him that quickly?

 Maybe Lekan wasn’t meant for her, even if he was, she couldn’t hurt Barbie by sharing an interest for the same man as her sister’s.

She hadn’t seen Barbie being so crazy about any man like Lekan, they had to be, so she had to back off.

She checked her phone idly, no missed calls, no texts, nothing. She peered out at the evening sun which had turned dark orange.

She poured herself a glass of wine, she would call her bestie later but for that moment, she needed to breathe, she needed to forget Lekan and move on with her life.

‘Peaches’ she chuckled as the wine got to her, he’d made her feel so special for few seconds, no man had ever made her feel that way.

Beneath his arrogant features, he owned such a beautiful heart, he apologized for the way he’d treated her; that spoke volumes about his personality, he was a good man.

 ‘He even gave me roses’ Sophia sobbed.

 ‘Roses not lilies’ she repeated and picked up her buzzing phone, someone had finally called.

 ‘Kachi …’ she paused then looked at her phone once again.

 ‘Soph are you okay’?

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  Lekan felt the pain that laced her voice, something wasn’t right. The week had been a very busy one for him, he had locked himself in his studio, a bit to complete his painting of the woman that plagued his thoughts.

The painting had finally been completed. So he’d decided to call her, while in his studio he’d made up his mind about her. He would seek her love, even if she had a boyfriend, he was ready to fight for her.

 ‘Oh Lekan good evening, good evening, I was just thinking about you’ she almost punched herself for exposing herself like that.

… To be continued!

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