‘You thought about me?’ his heart raced, what a sweet way to start his evening.

 ‘Yes’ she smiled.

‘I thought about you too’ he wouldn’t lie.

 ‘Really? So why didn’t you call’? whenever she took some wine, she found herself to bolder than when she was sober.

 ‘Uhmmm, I’ve been working on something,  so I have been very busy’ he wondered how she would feel if she ever saw the painting.

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‘Nice’ she paused and searched the fridge for some ice, she needed to get sober before she said something stupid.

 ‘What are you doing right now Soph’? he asked gently, he felt like seeing her.

 ‘Nothing, I’m fine’ she belched and bit her lip.

 ‘Are you okay’? he’d heard the weird sound.

 ‘Yes, I mean no…’ she whispered.

 ‘Can I come over? I want us to hang out’ he asked and hoped she wouldn’t deny him of her request.

 ‘Oh no Lekan’ she felt like smacking her head into the wall.

 ‘Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were busy’ he was slightly hurt.

 ‘No, I’m not saying you shouldn’t come, just that I am feeling tipsy, I drank some wine…’ she trailed off hoping he’d understand.

 ‘Someone decided to be naughty eh?’ he teased her and fetched his car keys.

 ‘Stop, don’t capitalize on that’ she chuckled.

 ‘Aye aye captain, I’ll be there soon.’ He grinned boyishly and dashed into the bathroom.


‘Who was that’? Barbie’s voice pierced her thoughts and she turned abruptly.

 ‘Geez you scared me Barbara’ Sophia released her breath, she didn’t feel like hurting her sister, she knew how Barbie would feel if she told her Lekan had called her, so she decided to lie.

 ‘Kachi called, I was speaking to Kachi’ Sophia avoided her gaze.

 ‘Kachi called? Do you think I’m a fool Sophia? How long do you think I have been standing here’? so the fool had decided to call her sister? Yet he hadn’t returned her calls?

 ‘I can explain Barbs, you don’t have to be upset. Lekan called’ Sophia wasn’t liking the situation.

 ‘I damn well know who called, why would you be speaking to him? He likes me Soph, Me!’ Barbara advanced towards her sister.

‘You don’t have to raise your voice Barbs, it’s not like I’m going out with him or anything’ Sophia gulped her drink.

 ‘Just look at you, a ball of fat, you’re so fat and Ugly, what makes you think a man like Lekan would ever look your way’? Barbie sneered at her.

 ‘Barbara that’s a cruel thing to say to your sister’ tears  dripped from her eyes, why would Barbie be this hurtful?

 ‘My sister? You’re not my sister bitch, you want to steal my man, from day one, Lekan had his eyes on me, why do you want to steal that’? Barbie hissed.

Inwardly she beamed as she saw the effect her words had on Sophia.

 ‘Stop saying that, stop calling me a bitch’ Sophia cried feeling worse.

 ‘If you really care about me like you say, pick up that phone, call Lekan and tell him you don’t want to see him anymore. Do it right now.’ Barbie ordered.

 ‘Fine, if that’s what you want, I shall call him’ Sophia felt terrible, moments ago, she had felt very excited talking to Lekan now she felt like a bad person.

Had Lekan really asked Barbie out?

 ‘I’m waiting’ she tapped her feet, hands akimbo.

 ‘His number isn’t going through’ Sophia responded and threw the phone aside.

 ‘Well try again’ Barbie ordered.

 ‘Come in’! she cried impatiently as someone pounded on the door.

 ‘It isn’t going through’ Sophia replied.

 ‘Is somebody home’? the door widened and Oscar stepped inside the house.


 ‘What are you doing here’? the girls chorused and Oscar felt ambushed.

Sophia was a bit shocked at Barbie’s reaction, she looked like she’d seen a ghost.

 ‘I came to see you Sophia’ he’d made up his mind, he had hurt her badly and was ready to make amends.

 ‘I think you should leave, what makes you think she wants to see you’? Barbie was nervous, what if he’d come to tell Sophia about their affair?

 ‘Well, I wasn’t speaking to you, I lealve when Sophia asks me to leave’ he settled comfortably on a couch. He would deal with Barbie later for playing stupid games with him.

 ‘What do you want Oscar? You heard my sister, you should really get out’ Sophia found a channel to unleash her irritation.

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‘Is that what you really want Barbie? Do you want me to go’? his gaze was mocking.

 Barbie stared at him angrily, still silent.

 ‘Why are you here Oscar? Are you here to call me names?’ Sophia wished Kachi hadn’t been so busy, she would’ve loved this sort of drama.

 ‘Sophia, I miss you baby, I want us to be together, I love you so much and I’m sorry for the way I treated you, I was being misled by the devil’ he went on his knees.

 ‘Oscar you’re the least of my problems now, just get  up  and go, I forgive you for everything’ she licked her lips.

Why had she fallen in love with such a joke in the first place?

The man she thought she was in love with was a shade, he didn’t exist. Right there in her sitting room, she saw Oscar for who he really was, an insensitive man. How could he humiliate her that way and expect her to take him back?

 ‘So we’re getting back together’? he asked hopefully.

 ‘N To the O’ Sophia hissed, picked up her phone and walked out of the house. Her sister was really acting strange.

 ‘What do you think you’re doing’? Barbie peeped out of the window to be sure her sister wouldn’t be nearby.

‘Are you really asking me that’? Oscar scoffed and rose to his feet.

 ‘You can’t do this Oscar, you can’t just show up like this’ she yelled.

 ‘Oh sure honey I can, and let me tell you this, you better talk to your sister to accept me, I give you two weeks tops, if she doesn’t love me back, I’m telling her everything about us’ Oscar said to her chagrin.

 ‘Who cares? You may as well go outside and tell her now, she would never believe you’ Barbie replied with a shaky voice.

 ‘Really? You want us to play like that’? he brought out his phone and placed the screen so she could see it.

 ‘What do think you’re doing’? she panicked as she saw the pictures.

 ‘Two weeks Barbara, just two weeks’ he pulled the phone back.

 ‘You cannot do this Oscar, you cannot blackmail me’ she panicked, he’d saved her chats with him, the picture of Benet and Sophia together too.

There was no escaping for her.

‘Yes I can, you’re evil Barbie, so you had a thing going with Benet behind Sophia’s back? You manipulated her somehow to be with Benet because that’s what it looked like, and you lied to me. She actually bashed someone’s car and needed the two million to fix this and you lied to me, you made me think she was giving it to Benet. If I lose such a good woman like Sophia to another man, your life would be a living hell, so as I walk out of this house, you better start talking to her to take me back or your cover would be blown’ Oscar deeply regretted his actions.

 ‘Oscar, you don’t have to do this, I could get you another girl, why do you want to ruin the relationship between I and Sophia? Why are you this heartless’? she was terribly afraid. If Sophia ever found out, she would never forgive her.

What scared her most was that Oscar had proof.

 ‘Just hear yourself out, you sleep with your sister’s boyfriends and you are here judging me, you are a devil Barbie’ he replied and moved towards the door.

 ‘But she doesn’t love you Oscar, she loves someone else’ Barbie had seen the way Sophia’s gloomy face shone when Lekan had called.

 ‘Then make her love me. As Lucifer’s twin, I have faith in your magical powers’ he grinned and walked out the door.

 ‘No, this isn’t happening’ just when she thought everything was under control. Just when she had won the war, Oscar had destroyed her plans.

Her appetite for Lekan fled, this wasn’t the way she’d wanted it. If Oscar exposed her, her whole life would be ruined because Sophia would tell Aunt Davina and that meant she would never have family members.

 How on earth would she make Sophia fall in love with Oscar?

 Her face went white with fear, nausea-filled her insides, she needed to think fast.


First her sister had spoken rudely to her, then Oscar had come from nowhere and spoilt her evening.

‘Best idea ever’ she sighed as she continued strolling down the street. The evening air was cool as the trees swayed from side to side.

 Though her sister had hurt her deeply, she would forgive her, that was the only sibling she had.

 ‘Got tired of waiting? Sorry I’m late, traffic’ a Honda civic pulled beside her.

 ‘Lekan’! she called excitedly.

 ‘Yes Soph, you don’t look well, have you been crying’? he stepped down from the car and walked closer to her.

 ‘I’m fine’ she lied. She couldn’t face him right now.

 ‘No, you’re not, talk to me’ he insisted and led her into his car.

 ‘Do you love my sister’? she had to be blunt.

 ‘I don’t hate her and I don’t understand your question’ he was baffled.

‘We had a fight’ Sophia paused hoping she was doing the right thing.

 ‘Really’? he arched his brows.

 ‘Before then, she told me you called her and you guys were seeing each other and she was pretty  upset when you called me. She said mean things to me, but what I’m trying to say is that, if you’re dating Barbie, then we cannot be friends. Since our parents died, she’s everything I have, I don’t want us to fight for a man’ she regretted saying the last part.

 ‘Wow’ Lekan was amazed. Either Barbie was a terrible liar or she had a mental health challenge, bipolar disorder to be exact.

 ‘Is that all you’re going to say’? she felt slightly irritated.

 ‘Of course, I’m amazed at your sister, I don’t remember calling her or getting any calls from her talk more of asking her out. Here’s my phone, go through my contacts, text messages, call log, go through everything’ he handed her his phone.

 ‘No, this isn’t necessary, but why would she say something like that’? Sophia was confused.

 ‘I don’t know, maybe we should go ask her, I’ve never called your sister. I think she should see a psychologist’ he was shocked.

 ‘It’s okay, I believe you’ Sophia had the hunch he was lying, his eyes expressed his honesty.

 ‘Good’ he wondered why she would even be bothered by this, wasn’t she dating?

 ‘Something else happened’ Sophia decided to tell him everything.

 ‘What is that dear’? he ignited the engine.

 ‘My ex paid me a visit, he wants me back’ she smiled wickedly, that was very strange.

You are reading: Love Happened at Christmas- Episode 19

‘And what did you say to him’? he paused the car and faced her.

 ‘No of course, he humiliated me greatly, I could never take him back’ Sophia explained as the memory of that day came running back.

 ‘Very good decision, you’re very beautiful and if any man doesn’t see that, then he is a fool’ Lekan took hold of her hands.

 ‘Why do you keep telling me that? Why do you think I am beautiful? All my life…’ she trailed off, she couldn’t open up to him like that. Only Kachi knew her pain.

 ‘Sophia, you have a wonderful personality, when I watched you cry that night, I wished to always wipe your tears away. You are very beautiful inside out, you don’t just know it’ he replied.

 ‘Why are you so nice to me Lekan’? her voice was husky with emotion.

 ‘Sophia, I like you a lot, I don’t know why I keep thinking about you, open up to me, I would never hurt you because I know the feeling of being hurt’.

 ‘All my life, I have been ugly and fat, when people get to see my sister, they wonder if we’re from the same parents. The two men I have dated dumped me, and I know it’s because of the way I am’ tears slipped from her eyes.

 ‘They never deserved you that’s why they left. I adore you Sophia, you may be having some weight problems and I understand that, I’ll help you through it, I care deeply about you. I’m here for you, forget those men and focus on yourself, you’re a great person. You changed my whole life.

Even after I hit you, you still took care of me that night’ he rubbed her hands gently.

 ‘I don’t know what to say Lekan but you always make me feel better’ she launched herself forward and hugged him.

 ‘Am here for you darling’ he whispered and kissed her forehead.

 ‘I want to take you to some special restaurant, that reminds me, when are you opening yours’? he asked.

 ‘Wow, you remembered, next week’ she replied.

 ‘Good, I’ll send you a cheque as support’ he fired the car once more.


‘Knock knock’ Kachi wondered why Sophia wasn’t picking up her phone. She missed her friend and had come to see her.

She pushed open the door and was shocked to see Barbie in that position. Where was Sophia she wondered?

‘I hope you’re happy now, I hope you’ve achieved your aim, to ruin my life’ Barbie sobbed.

 ‘Wow, why is the devil crying’? Kachi was surprised to see Barbie in this state.

‘You told Oscar about Benet and I, I don’t have evidence but you were the only one that knew about us. Why did you have to tell him, now he’s using that against me and if Sophia ever finds out, I’m doomed.’ Barbie suddenly felt guilty for all her actions.

 ‘Slow down tiger, what are you talking about’? Kachi dropped her bag and decided whatever drama Barbie was trying to pull off was interesting.

 ‘I’m not acting’Barbie snapped at Kachi.

 ‘Where’s your sister’? Kachi ignored her.

 ‘Oscar came over to the house and she got upset and left’ Barbie answered.

 ‘Wow, the bastard came to his senses’ Kachi mused.

 ‘He wants her back and he’s blackmailing me, he has threatened to leak the pictures if I don’t make Sophia love him back’ Barbie explained hoping Kachi could help her.

 ‘So why are you telling me all this’? Kachi chuckled, the girl was a real devil.

 ‘I know I have wronged my sister when I slept with Oscar and Benet, but I promise not to hurt her again if you could help me’ she had thought about her life. What had she gained from looking down on people? Feeling better than others cause she was endowed with beauty? She had betrayed her own sister and if the world heard it, they’ll stone her to death, maybe she deserved to die.

She had betrayed her own sister and if the world heard it, they’ll stone her to death, maybe she deserved to die.

… To be continued!

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  2. But is Barbara truly repentant or she’s just looking for a way out.
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